Its snowing!

Nancy FryhoverApril 14, 2014

at my house in moore....OMG

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Edmond too!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!

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Nancy Fryhover


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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Well, y'all, here it is Easter week, and if you read the posts here regularly, you might have noticed that Dorothy (who posts as Mulberryknob) and I often mention the Easter freeze and April snowstorms. Guess why? (grin) The last year that I think that we had snow at our house in April was 2007. It was in our forecast for late morning/early afternoon today but nothing fell.

One long-time resident of Love County (he came here as a young child before statehood) that I met shortly after we moved here told me that he distinctly remembered snow falling (but not accumulating) several times in May in his lifetime, but I haven't seen any May snow since we moved here.

This is Oklahoma where we actually have all 4 seasons of weather.....autumn, winter, spring and summer. We just do it a little differently than some other regions of the country---because every now and then we try to have all 4 seasons in the same week. Is that a problem?

momfryhover, Did it make you wish you were back in Hawaii?


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I am at home in Grove, but we were in Copan this morning and had snow for a couple of hours before we left, then drove another hour before we drove out of it. I am so tired of winter.

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Nancy Fryhover

For sure, okiedawn, Why do I love these kids and grandkids so much? Their the only reason we are here, really. Its for sure not the weather!

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Yeah, so my Monday morning was, earthquake shakes the school, missing teenage student who just found out his mom died back home, snow, and the bomb squad telling us all to stay away from the south facing windows.

The afternoon was better, but we still don't know where Hassan is. :(

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Carol, Y'all sure are staying really cold really late this year.

Momfryhover, Oh, the things a person does for love! You must really, really, really love them to give up Hawaii's weather for OK's weather.

Okievegan, It sounds like it was a pretty rough day there. I hope y'all get some good news about Hassan. It sounds like snow was the least of your worries today.

On a normal day, I'd suggest going out to the yard/garden to de-stress, but with the weather being the way it is today, that might add to your stress instead of relieving it.

Does anyone remember 2012? The last frost was in early to mid March, depending on where you lived, and after that it was never really cold again? That is the kind of spring I would like to see again someday. It certainly isn't like that this year. I'm starting to think we'll keep having cold nights a couple of times a week until May just like last year.


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Okievegan, that sounds awful. Much more stressful and worrisome than a little cold weather.. I'm sorry you had such an intense day!

Its already dropped to 30 tonight at my house.. The plants are bundled up here, but I dont know just how low it can get before the covers start to not count for anything. We'll see I guess.. I did put two strands of christmas lights in one tomato bed to compare with another other.. Should be interesting.

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Hassan is responding to Facebook messages. *whew*

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Amunk, I like your set-up. I think they will be OK.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

I will be interested to see how you do with the Christmas lights. Very creative idea.

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