One of the most depressing rainfall maps...

scottokla(7)April 24, 2014

This mesonet map of the state shows the big losers rainfall-wise this year. It shows how many days it has been since a rain event of at least 0.25 inches. You would think that most would be less than a week, and all would have had at least a rain of a quarter inch recently. Take a look:

Hard to imagine being one of those few places waiting all this year still.

Here is a link that might be useful: Most recent rain - map of Oklahoma

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

It is hard to imagine being one of those areas that has been so dry for so long. I look at these maps almost every day just to keep me mindful of what's going on around the state.

We had rain overnight/early this morning and it was so nice to hear the sound of thunder and raindrops on the roof. It wasn't a lot of rain, but it was a little over a half-inch so that at least the plants got some moisture.

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I've been very happy to hear of the rainfall in South and West Oklahoma and other areas. I wanted to complain of the mud this morning. I want to worry about my potatoes. Being right on the edge we only recently downgraded to "severe" drought. Most of my property is on a slope. I'm learning the moisture at subsoil is greater than the stats. After this weekend we'll probably be upgraded to moderate drought, until another month or so. I'd share if I could. The potatoes can drown. It could be worse.

I was just having a discussion with an acquaintance in California complaining of their drought. They're not used to it. Then, again, there is an incredible amount of people in California who don't know how to live in a drought. I have no room to complain. :(

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TotemWolf(7 SWOK-Greer County)

The rain gauge read. 0.2 this morning. Add that to what fell over the weekend and I don't have to water for for a few days.
At this point I will take any rain we can get with a smile.

......and thankfully the wind didn't damage any of my plants.

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Right at 2/10th of an inch in my rain gauge. I would love a nice long slow rain.


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That is depressing. We are north of OKCâ¦we heard the thunder and even saw a few drops on the patioâ¦but nothing more than 1/10" in the gauge. However, we do get the earthquakesâ¦.guess we don't get our choice of what we receive do we?

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