shirley-z-8-txMay 19, 2012

I bought this one over a year ago and this is the first time has bloomed. I have lost the tag. There is no fragrance but the blooms have just opened. They are 4" at the widest point. I really do like it.

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Otp. Papageno?

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I think you are right. My records show I should have Odtna. Papageno 'Lavender Lady'. Maybe this is it. Thanks.

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

Hi Shirley,
The RHS have recognised Miltoniopsis as a separate Genera, so the Genera name is now Oncidopsis. One of the few name changes that make sense to me.

When first posted, I thought Miltoniopsis but the shape didn't look quite right.
Perhaps the addition of other Genera has made it a little bit easier to grow?

Very nice orchid.

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Yes I do think it is easier to grow. The Miltoniopsis I have do not look as healthy. One just had blooms but not as many as last year. Another one has buds but still not as healthy looking as this plant. Maybe it is the thinner leaves.

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I found the tag. It had slipped down into the pot and I didn't see it. It is Odtna. Papaggena "Mi Amour".

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I've been trying to grow miltoniopsis for over 30 years. Every time a new growth appeared, it would soon rot. Eventually, the whole plant would die. I now have found the secret for growing them. I place mine where they get light around 5 pm.CST. I bought a couple of 7 dollars small fans from Wal Mart and placed them where the milts. get the breeze from the fans. The biggest factor in growing these plants is NEVER FERTILIZE, even the weakest application will cause rot on the new growth. Two months ago I ordered cool growing clay pots. I repotted my milts. in them and now my milts are putting out new growths, all over the place. Never fertilize these orchids.

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Shirley, that is a beautiful plant. I wish I could grow them. I love the flower.


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