Goodyera pubescens

tucker_sp(Z4 MN)May 4, 2014

And here's a very good-looking orchid plant without flowers, one of our own Minnesota jewel orchids. Pretty common in hardwood and mixed forests throughout the state. I grow a bunch of them in a large pot, but potted this one separately for display. Unlike most of our native terrestrials, quite easy to grow. Before anyone asks, this was not wild-collected, but grown in a bed on private property.


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Wild collected is not necessarily bad. Raising Rarities has a state permit to collect Cypripediums that are threatened by encroachment of habitat by road work or other construction. They sell them as 'Rescued plants'

Yours is lovely, wild collected or otherwise.


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tucker_sp(Z4 MN)

We have the same thing here in MN, but they're mainly concerned with the showy stuff - Cyps, etc.


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inga007(Ont. 6a)

I. too have a Jewel orchid, but I think the dark veined leaves are better looking than the bloom itself.

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tucker_sp(Z4 MN)

True - the flowers are interesting, but hardly showy. I'll try to post a picture when it blooms this fall.


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