Sleeping Hosta about to get a blanket ...

leafwatcher(zone 5)December 18, 2012

It looks like 8-10 inches of snow on the way, We do need the moisture, But I have become accustom to chilly dry days this year.. It was BOUND to happen !

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Our gardens are looking forward to a nice blanket of snow! Bring it on....we are ready.

Everyone be safe while driving out in the snow.

The weatherman better be correct on this way!

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gogirlterri(5 IL)

I will believe it when I see it. We have been forcasted to have over 2" rain so far and have barely had 1/4" this month.
I have food and water and as long as I don't lose power, bring it on!

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bernd ny zone5

My hosta are sleeping well without snow, temperature down to 15 degrees. Some days it rains, so conditions for their sleep are OK. I hate to remember 5 ft tall snow mounds at the road and all that required snow blowing and scraping early in the morning before the school bus comes, my driveway is a stop for the bus. So I love the present situation of no snow in my yard, and also no -20 degrees.

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It seems that after going back and forth between rain and snow and then snow and freezing rain ad nauseum ... the weather man has made up his mind today. The current blanket of white will be freshened this evening by 30 cm (12 inches) of fresh snow. As Bernd said, no -20F yet though several nights have been well below 0F. That cold stretch will come - it always does!


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yes our ( my) hosta finally got their winter feather quilt and lots of it . It is barely freezing but it has snowed the last couple days and enough to keep them warmer and protected from the elements. DH has been plowing and shoveling walks and driveway for days but I guess that is what winter in Canada is all about. Days will be getting longer tomorrow which will be nice to see. Merry Christmas to all

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leafwatcher(zone 5)

Absolutely hammered us, who knows how much, but it seemed a foot deep when I got that concrete wet snow out of my drive.. It was melting from underneath the whole time so I am not sure will ever know? the highest recorded area was only 6 miles from me however...

I always wonder if there is any Lake Snow Effect off of Saylorville lake?

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gogirlterri(5 IL)

Not enough to cover the grass blades-I don't think it is measureable. Wind gusting to 40+, temp dropped from 50 to 26 so far, but little precip. TWC says the chanceof having any is over. You'd think I live in Alabama like moc.
I'll have to brave the wind-chill and see if it has blown my pots over.

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We had approx. 5-6 inches of snow + much needed rain before it turned to snow. Gust up to 50 mph yesterday.
Nice sparkly snow now with the sun shinning today. 14*

Happy for the much needed blanket on the gardens.

Have a sparkly day! I heard that somewhere...... :)

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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

2 inches of rain followed by 3 inches of slushy snow. 25 miles northwest of here got 17 inches of wet heavy snow. Next, near single digit lows. Might make my clay soil a solid block of ice for some time to come and really tax the hardiness of some plants.


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Hmmm, I hear the buzz of the snow folks, and the wind folks, and we are among the windy folks. It did get down to about 30 after the high winds and silent thunderstorms. I had no idea it was coming. They did say we'd have temps down to 30, but no mention of anything else.

I was peacefully online when I heard this rain beating against the north side of the house, and then beating on the roof (shingles) so hard that it sounded like rain on a metal roof....and I began thinking how nice it will be when we get metal up there....but apparently it was just the advance bands of the storm which was a prelude to the early-morning (4:30 am) tornado which struck about 6 miles from us. It was a sunny morning when I fed the dogs and walked out on the back deck. Word was, the bands had moved out to Mobile Bay, and I was hearing this roaring like the aircraft engine test blocks when they rev up those big engines. Or, when the Fedex planes take off at the nearby long runway out across the Bay. Hmmm, and there was a loud roar coming from the tops of the swaying pine trees, which dropped needles so thick they hid the paved road in front of my house. Wow.

I checked my tipped pots of hosta, and they were half dry, half wet, Some which have yet to go dormant, but they are not as vigorous as in the summer. Let's hope it gets cold enough for LONG enough, for them to be rested and raring to go come March!

I did harvest 5 quarts of peppers, and left the tiny ones growing and the blooms on the jalapenos. If it doesn't get really freezing weather, who knows, we might get more peppers. I love those 5 or 6 red bell peppers, the banana peppers and the red and green jalapenos. Nice to have for my cornbread dressing.

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