US Drought Monitor for 04/02/2013

Okiedawn OK Zone 7April 4, 2013

Because we have friends from many different states that post here at the OK Forum, I wanted to link the U. S. Drought Monitor so everyone can see what drought looks like in states other than OK.

If you want to pull a single state or region out of the map to look at it more closely, click on the state you want to see. That will pull up the regional map. You can look at the whole region or you can click again on the individual state shown on the regional map and it will bring up just that state and its data in the little box that shows the various stages from D-0 through D-4.

I think it is interesting that Alaska is Abnormally Dry....and look at Hawaii! They've been suffering from drought right along with the rest of us. Some parts of Hawaii had torrential rainfall this week, so maybe their luck is about to change there.


Here is a link that might be useful: U S Drought Monitor 4/2/2013

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Nancy Fryhover

Its most always dryer on the westside of the Island of Hawaii, but there has been some not normal drought going on. Eastside usually has rain everyday, but if two weeks go by without rain, everyone gets worried because rain catchment is used mostly there. There are trucks that will come fill your tank, but its costly.
I guess the rain followed us back to Ok....your welcome! Lol!

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Hey momfryhover,

Welcome home, and a million thanks for bringing us the rainfall. We sure appreciate it.

I bet the grandkids are thrilled to have you back in OK.


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Nancy Fryhover

Thanks Dawn! Its nice to be back! And the grandkids seem to be happy Nana and Papa have returned. One of my grandsons who is 4 was sitting by me in the swing and he looked right at me, pointing his finger and said "You know, Hawaii? Don't pull that again!". I was not sure what to say as Hawaii is really not out of our systems. Well, we are here at least until next winter, then all bets may be off, LOL!

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7
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