Offseason NOID

don_in_coloradoDecember 22, 2012

Hi all,

Does anyone have this variety, or know what it could be? Got it for about $2.99 at a local Mom & Pop nursery last June, they had it growing in a little pot of rock-hard claystuff. It looked to be in terrible shape. There was no plant tag to be found,and no one there knew what it was. Got some nice coloring to it after a few weeks in healthy soil. It's a nice-looking plant, can't wait to see what it will show me come spring.

Sorry,this seems to be the only pic I currently have of my "NOID". Thought maybe a winter round of "Name That Plant" was in order. I'd appreciate any and all opinions or comments from the forum. Thanks.

Happy Holidays to All,

Don B.
Cold, snowy Westminster, CO

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5


lets see.. totally immature.. but its going to be giant ...

its green

somewhat heart shaped.. but showing long-ness ...

its heavily puckered ..

and the only thing left.. would be if mom or pop .... actually have newer varieties??? or is this something they dug up in their own yard ...

if they bring in newer stuff ... princess wu??

if not.. something in the elegans family ... [technically.. it could be a blue plant.. tortured green.. couldnt it..] ..

with giants.. it might take a few years.. for you to get an ID ... until it starts assuming what is its normal shape ...


ps: maybe throw elatior in.. if it stays apple green????

Here is a link that might be useful: link

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jan_on zone 5b

I love these threads. I never have a clue, but when the learned get scratching their heads it gets pretty informative. Thanks for posting Don.

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ilovetogrow z9 Jax Florida

I did not know NOIDs had seasons. Thank you for clearing this up. Paula

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I also appreciate the NOID postings & learn more with each one. Call be crazy, but I like to know the name of every plant I see. I guess I don't like secrets. He, he.

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It never bothers me about other species of plants that I lose the name. But like Cirrine says, I do get agitated if I lose a single tag for my hosta.....even name tags turned away from the camera drive me nuts until I identify the bashful hosta. Sheesh!

Paula, "offseason" doesn't mean growing now....think this shot dates from June...right? Pretty good time to explore the Hosta Library for the IDs.

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bernd ny zone5

I do not know how it is possible to name a plant when it is still so young. I have seen pictures of much larger plants which still do not look like a mature plant. Then consider also that there are so many look-a-likes around, especially a large amount of green seedlings. Safe bet is that it will probably be a large hosta with large round and puckered green leaves, and I love large puckered leaves. I do not think it will be a blue or blue-green plant because it should still have some blue in June.

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