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ejr2005(Eastern MA)September 13, 2010

I'm a bit late with this but last time I was at Mahoney's in Winchester they were having a sale on some of their hydrangeas. I bought some nice looking Annabelles. They had some other kinds on sale too - i think Glowing Embers and some of the Citilines. I also noticed that Sedum Autumn Joy was on sale.

After I bought the Annabelles, I noticed some tree form H. Limelights against the fence. There was one really nice one that I kept looking at. They said they could tag it for me until the end of the day so my husband could see it, and I could have more time to decide. My husband got out a little early so I met him there a bit earlier than planned. Luckily...

When I parked in the lot I saw a couple looking intently at "my" Limelight. I jumped out of my car, didn't even wait to for my husband to catch up, and went over to the hydrangea. By this time the wife had moved "my" tree over to the next tree and had already changed the tag with my name on it to the other tree! I guess she was planning on changing both the tag and their positions. She wasn't very nice about it but did relinquish the tree. Of course then I had to buy it.

The upshot was when we brought the tree home it was a couple of days before the "hurricane" and we were afraid to put it in the ground. We watered it and put it in the garage the night of the "hurricane." We took it out in the morning but couldn't plant it for a couple of days. It was windy. I was watering it and put rocks on it to keep it from falling over in the wind, but it fell over a couple of times anyway. We finally lashed it to a tree.

When we planted it I realized that it was totally root bound and so hadn't had soil to hold the water. I watered it a lot once it was in the ground. The tree had gone from being this real beauty that people were fighting over, to this poor thing that had many brown leaves, browned out flowers, and green leaves that were hanging down. It also had a cut on it's bark from one of the rocks. So sad. I watered a lot for about a week. I know you're not supposed to water that often, but I had another root bound hydrangea and constant watering for a week or so seems to have brought it back from the brink.

Finally two days ago the remaining leaves started perking up. I stopped watering. Tonight we're getting rain. I'm planning to put on of those tree waterers around it in a few days, hopefully weaning it to less frequent watering.

When I talked to one of the employees at Mahoneys it seemed that this woman had done other things like that. I also remember someone at Weston's warning me that people would do that. So beware!

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Glad you won the day, ejr.

I spend a long time in the perennials area of nurseries, carefully choosing each specimen. Hours in the hot sun etc etc. Once I left my cart full of plants, obviously a customer's cart, while I went down a narrow aisle to pick out another plant. When I got back, someone had taken several of the perennials I had spent so much time over.

This has happened a couple of times, no doubt in all innocence sometimes...and sometimes not. A nursery employee said some people notice others who seem to know what they are doing and help themselves.

Now I keep the cart with me, no matter how inconvenient. Sounds ridiculous...and it really is a rare person who would do that but I guess they're out there.

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ejr2005(Eastern MA)

Ginny - that's terrible! I'll have to guard my cart now too - though I don't think anyone would think I knew what I was doing. Come to think of it maybe that's why I haven't lost anything off my cart!

I went back to Mahoneys yesterday and did check out the hydrangeas. The Annabelles weren't on sale. I think they're $30 now. I didn't see any other ones on sale. The three I planted are looking good, though one of them is having a hard time staying hydrated.

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