can southern highbush blueberries pollinate northern highbush?

canokieApril 11, 2012

I planted some northern highbush blueberries last year, and one BlueCrop survived, the one that got the most shade. This year I've decided to plant southern highbush since they are supposed to be more heat and drought tolerant, but I don't want to tear up the BlueCrop that survived. (As I understand it, in OKC, I am in an overlap area where both varieties can be grown).

Will the BlueCrop cross-pollinate with a southern highbush variety that flowers at the same time, or do I need another northern highbush variety to pollinate the BlueCrop, and another southern highbush variety to pollinate the southen highbush I already have?

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Yes, southern and northern highbush blueberries pollinate. It's important to understand that blueberries are categorized by when they bloom: Very Early, Early, Midseason, Late, and Very Late.

You want a replacement that blooms at the same time as your BlueCrop so they can pollinate.

Bluecrop is a midseason variety. Other midseasons include Chippewa (NHB), Blueray, Legacy (SHB), Bluegold (NHB), Columbus (SHB), Powederblue (SHB), etc. There are many other midseason varieties so you shouldn't have trouble finding one.

Good luck!

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I have yet to plant blueberries, but I have been studying them. Here's a link to the OSU fact sheet. I hope it helps.


Here is a link that might be useful: Blueberry OSU fact sheet

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