Ascda Chaisiri 'Karat'

orchidnickMay 4, 2014

One of my purchases from Bill Asias's 'Royal Orchid Club'. This nursery got a lot of bad press, some deserved, most of it undeserved. People were put off for several reasons.

1) When they say small plant, they mean exactly that. Really small. I bought once from that size category and never again. The plants are too small.

2) They have 2 shipping days per month. You must get your payment in several days before the shipping date otherwise you wait for the next one. If you missed a date by one or two days, it's conceivable that you'll wait 3 weeks before you get your order. People are used to speedier service. On the other hand, they tell you about it, if you can't live with that go somewhere else.

3) All their plants are shipped bare-root and require immediate attention. Again some people object to that. Read the 'not so fine' print, they tell you that this is what they do, again, if not acceptable go somewhere else.

Anyway I think they are a good source of ADULT, not seedling sized, vandaceous plants and I plan to order from them again.


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The flower.


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inga007(Ont. 6a)

OOOOH ! I like it.

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What a color! I bet you can see that a mile away.


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