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mcube(zone 5)October 28, 2009

I am planning on buying some perennials and 'tender' perennials from Avant gardens. They have some nice deals going on right now. Do you folks have experience buying from them?

Also, I have no idea where I'd plant these. So, I was thinking about burying them in the veggie garden, pots and all, for the winter. Would the normal, hardy perennials survive the winter this way? I could bring the tender perennials like brugs inside the garage and let them go dormant.


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Hi mcube,

I recently had Avant Gardens do all the landscaping for my small Newport garden and it was a great experience. Kathy (the owner) was a pleasure to work with from the design process until insallation - and beyond.

While I have not gone in person to the nursery (yet - I will in the spring) I can say that a majority of the plants they installed were from their nursery and most have done extremely well. We had a couple not make it, as to be expected considering they installed over 100 plants, and they will replace them in the spring when I'm ready.

Since Kathy is so helpful, I wouldn't hesitate asking her your questions regarding the survivability of any perennials you're considering. I've found her to be very honest, and would be surprised if she didn't replace plants that didn't survive the winter.

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asarum(z6 Boston)

I like Avant Gardens. I haven't done mail order. I went to the nursery. Do your research before buying tender perennials. Overwintering requirements for each type of plant may be different. My guess is many would not survive in an unheated garage. Some may need to overwinter in a heated greenhouse or something like that.

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I have been to AG a couple of times - it's always fun to visit there, although in the early summer the owners can be a little frantic. It's worth the trip, as they have some plants you don't normally see in local nurseries. Everything seems to be very healthy and carefully tended. Doesn't hurt, in terms of road trips, that it's a short drive from there to Haskells in New Bedford.

That said, I agree with asarum, buying tender perennials at this time of year is *really* risky. I known that from expensive personal experience.

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I've done mail order through them a couple of times. Great plants, great service. No qualms about using them again at all, though I've only gotten things in spring so I don't know how things would do this late in the season.

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terrene(5b MA)

I know nothing about Avant gardens, but 2 years ago I bought a bunch of bargain plants at a local Mahoney's over Veterans day weekend. They were $3 and $5 for large pots and I couldn't resist, so I bought 55 perennials and grasses and then realized I had to do something with them in early November!

I planted a few, put a few in the pot ghetto and sunk the rest in the ground in their pots. All survived except for 2 Scabiosa 'Pink Myst' which don't over-winter well anyway even when they're planted in the Spring (I will never buy them again, no matter how pretty).

Be sure to select a location with good drainage to sink the pots into the ground, so water is not likely to pool in or around the pots.

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arbo_retum(z5 ,WinchstrMA)

terrene, that is incredibly helpful info. With that many pots, I daresay you have much more experience than most.Th you!

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mcube(zone 5)

Thanks for the info everyone. I am now hesitant to get tender perennials. Sinking the pots tip is very helpful. I already have a bunch of perennials in pots right now. I will bury them in the veggie garden which is empty and cleaned up.

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