Year End Head Count?

jan_on zone 5bDecember 5, 2012

For most of us, gardening season for 2012 is DONE. So - what's your final head count? And what probably lies in your hosta future for 2013?

I have a modest count of 119 (81 at home, 38 at the cottage). Of those, 62 were new in 2012, so I'll see how well they thrive next year before I commit to many more purchases. Besides, no space. Sigh.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i have one head ..


ps: i will go check the mirror to be sure ...

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Ken. I looked for you. You've got two.

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I have a tiny collection of 20, with more 4 ordered that are scheduled to be delivered late March. They are all snoozing atm, along with a few other potted perennials, in the unheated section of our building.

Being a "pot head" there has to be a limit...right? Right?

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jan_on zone 5b

Deb - you have some great large pots, so you must have some nice hostas in them. Looks like perfect winter quarters - but I see more space!!

Ken and ninamarie - just one - there is proof, perhaps in the conifer forum - three good looking guys standing behind a vehicle on, I think, a quest for brooms. Posted some time ago, but I can't find it. You'll have to take my word for it.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

jan.. photoshop.. to make me 'look' normal .. i wasnt on the broom hunt.. the pic that is probably no longer posted.. was me an 2 others in front of my barn.. or at the restaurant ... near a car perhaps ...

dgreg .. the ONLY limit.. is disposable income ... lol


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gogirlterri(5 IL)

Ask mocccasinlanding what the "potheads" limit is up to right now. If my memory serves me it is around 200 but (whisper) keep that under your hat. I don't want to let Bill know.
Almost every one of my pots has been visited by squirrels but they don't seem to have eaten the roots. I hope not. That would break my heart.

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bernd ny zone5

I can not do any actual hosta head count in my garden because all hostas have no longer leaves, are sleeping. But I know that on my less than 1/2 acre lot 1/6 of that is populated by around 300 hostas plus 30 seedlings from last winter. Additionally about 100 little seedlings just got born in my basement and are showing leaves now under light, plus two seed packs are in the mail from a recent auction - more hostas. But there are people on this forum with a lot more land and hostas.
It is only 4 months until spring in my area.

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Ooooh, Deb, I have some of the same larger pots that you have, and they are so nice. Light weight and easy to pick up.
Not cheap, but they seem durable. I do not worry about freeze thaw here, although some of my cheaper terra cotta pots seem to sliver off around the upper rims. I guess even a little bit of freezing when we have so much moisture can do them in.

Hmmm, well, I have some 20 on order for shipment March 23d. And that amount I've included in my count of 324. That is 324 UNIQUE HOSTA, does not count the fact that I bought 8 mama plantaginea, 3 Rainforest Sunrise, 2 Sagae, 2 Victory, 2 Gold Standard, 4 Royal Standard, 2 Lemon Lime, 2 The Razor's Edge, 4 Masquerade, maybe multiples of others too but at the moment I am pleading the Fifth.

I had about 8 in 2010. I added about 12 in 2011. So started 2012 with 20 hosta. The rest is history. If I count that I'm adding 24 in 2013 (so far), then I added 280 in 2012. But what's a few hosta among friends! :)

Now, of course, I'm going to let those grow and mature, and I'm going to play with my seeds this winter. The ones I won are on their way here. The ones I harvested are already in the freezer, but I have scant hope they will grow after reading the effect of heat and drought on the fertility of hosta seeds (at the AHS online site). Guess I'll have to adopt.

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bernd ny zone5

Moccasin, Wow, 280 new ones in 2012! That was a lot of planting, and a lot of pots to carry around and water. That is a lot of work. Have fun for 2013! I limited myself to present space, did not increase it in last years. I will plant new hostas only, therefore, by replacing under-performing duplicate hostas and perennials. From all my seedlings I will keep only a few for that reason.

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w3csx(7 MD)

Newbe here 1st post!

So far I have about 150 Hosta plants. 142 of them are different varieties. I have been physically collecting for about three years now. Mentally for many more years then that (Living in a rented space).

Next years plans. I do not think will be so aggressive. I'd like to let what I have fill in. But I do have a space I'm developing under a white pine in the back corner. Good spot for larger growing varieties and Hostas with a coarser scale. Ones that will stand out and can be viewed from a distance. But you never know...

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Way to many to ooddles of seedlings!

Great hobby!

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jan_on zone 5b

W3CSX - welcome newbie! Everyone here loves newcomers! Hope you have lots of photos of those 150 plants.

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Ludi _PA_7a

Oh Goodness . . . for my 'first' year of hosta gardening I certainly did some damage . . . seeing as all I started with was a 10 year old overgrown landscape, 3 massive 8+ year old Elegans, 2 clumps of Wide Brim, and a smattering of Tiny Tears. Not to mention I still have 5 more NOID that are too wimpy (years of neglect) or immature for proper ID'ing.

31 new plants were obtained in 2012 (all in about a month's time) and only 2 didn't make it.

So I am sitting on 32 individual cultivars right now . . . I have 11 new ordered from Naylor set to be shipped on May 13th . . . and the list for my Hallson spring order includes 40 new as well . . . I will also be ordering from Land of the Giants since they carry my most favorite Jade Cascade.

By the same time in June of 2013 I will have 88 different cultivars of hosta (excluding 5 NOID).

I intend to buy the whole set of Baby Bunting sports (Cameo, Cherish, Hope, Pandora's Box) and I am on the hunt for a Ventricosa Aueromaculata and will end up getting a Foxfire Palm Sunday at some point too :P

So all in all I'd say I put a nice dent in my collection in approx. 12 months. Next thing is to see how many I can keep alive . . .

To everyone I hope you have a Blessed Holiday and a Happy New Year.


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Ludi, you have it going on.....and I'd say you found a "secret garden" and are making it a nice place to be.

During the winter, may I suggest that you look for the book by George Little and David Lewis, who created a unique garden spot out on Bainbridge Island, Washington. I think the book is named A GARDEN GALLERY. But if not, you can check at Amazon for Little & Lewis. For a while they were occasionally posting on GardenWeb gardening side, about hypertufa, because they made huge leaves and other garden art from their own blend of hypertufa. I ordered one of their pieces, and it is a treasure in my garden. Here is a link to the book, which is now out of print. My copy is packed away, awaiting our house remodel. Beautiful book, and very inspirational for an imaginative person such as yourself.

Here is a link that might be useful: Little & Lewis-A Garden Gallery

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