Heuchera Doesn't Bloom

erika_ct(6b - CT)October 22, 2010

I posted this in the Foliage forum, but it doesn't seem to get much action over there.

I have two 3-year old Heucheras - I THINK they're Melting Fire - that don't seem to be getting any bigger and haven't yet bloomed. (I know the flowers are fairly insignificant on Heucheras, but I want the seeds.)

I keep them in a sunny spot of the garden. I don't water my flower beds very often. Living in New England, it isn't usually a problem. The leaves look healthy enough. But in three years, they're each still only about 6-8 inches tall and only about a 10-inch spread.

I can move them this spring to a shadier, wetter area if that's what they need.

Any ideas?



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Heucheras are very variable in robustness among cultivars. Some can take the sun better than others. They also will react differently in coloring too.

I have 3 H 'Obsidian' spread out along a pathway from the house to the patio. Closer to the house (less sun), the color is better than the furthest one only 10' away.

Definitely move them to another spot. I would try each one in different spots. Also add some compost or nice planting mix to the soil.

As far as blooms, you may not be missing much. I usually cut off any blooms! The Heucheras with the best foliage colors usually don't have attractive blooms.

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