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Jen_AdamsApril 14, 2014

Hi all! I'm new to this forum (and to gardening) and need a bit of help.

About a month ago I bought and planted some Asparagus put out by Bonnie Plants. They came in those little black plastic four-pack containers and had ferns on them. They weren't labeled as any particular variety but simply "Asparagus".

I planted each cell as one plant, but yesterday I got curious and checked their website to see if they listed the variety there (they don't as far as I could tell) and found out that each little cell had multiple plants in it!

What do I do? Do I dig them up and replant them? Or will they be alright if I leave them alone?

Any help is much appreciated! Thanks!

P.S.- I live in Claremore, OK, is anybody else from the same area?

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They're called 'crowns'. You should separate hem into separate crowns. They are often packaged four or five together, with the roots intertwined.

best method for planting is to dig a hole deep enough that roots reach unhindered to the bottom of the hole. Mound the dirt at the bottom of the hole and place the crown on top of that, spreading the roots around the mound, reaching into the 'trench' around the mound, Cover lightly and water in, then add a little bit of mulch, leaving the crown exposed or slightly exposed. I'd plant them a couple of feet apart.

Some, like myself, mix compost and/or composted manure into the bottom of the hole, as well.

One thing, tho' is you gotta be patient. You have to wait about three years before you can harvest any. Gives the plants a chance to mature, spread their roots and reach full production. iow, aside from watering them once in awhile, let 'em go wild for about three years, mebbe even four years, depending on your soil and location.

It's well worth the wait, tho'..

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There are other ways to do it, but that's the simplest way that works. Currently, we're - finally - getting enough asparagus for three or four meals per week.

The wife started out with, "I loooove asparagus!" Now, she's thinking that she'd like a little more variety in our diet. She'll have to wait a few more weeks for the rest of the garden to start producing, though. ;)

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Haha, my hubby and I are the ones who really like asparagus. Our kids are in the "Veggies are yucky!" stage.

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I'm not an expert on asparagus, but since the crowns have been in the ground around a month, I think I would leave them for this year. Once they go dormant, you should be able to carefully dig them back up and separate them. Not sure if it will set you back a year or not.

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I agree with outdrsman that it may be best to wait until they go dormant this fall to separate them and move them to their permanent location. The way Warren advised to plant them is good. Since the roots are so intertwined, I would soak the dirt off each clump and carefully, carefully tease the roots apart, then plant them a foot apart. Then the only care they need for the first 3 years is mulch and water. They will respond well to some wellrotted compost. Asparagus also likes soil to be neutral to slightly alkaline. If your soil is acid, a bit of ag lime may be beneficial.

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Thanks for all the advice! I really appreciate it :D

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