organic lawn care

Kimmsr(4a/5b-MI)January 2, 2014

This episode of Growing a Greener World might be of interest to some.

Here is a link that might be useful: GGW 407

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Thank you for sharing that link. I didn't know a show like that existed, I loved it!

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Too many ads before the video. One ad would have been OK, maybe 2, but 3 exceeds my limit. Also lots of useless shots of little pictures. Total of 2 mins 28 secs before the beginning of actual information. I stopped watching after the 3rd ad, then went back and watched a second time to time them. Haven't watched the remainder on organic lawn care.

ITLTW = Intro too long to watch

The really disappointing thing is that I was (and still am) looking for brief videos that give an excellent overview of organic lawn care and the steps involved.

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I liked the show. Very inspiring! I'm also going to send this to my son and daughter in law who have a mini farm. They are trying to go organic - thanks!

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