What's still in bloom?--late October?

ginny12October 21, 2011

Much to my amazement, the large torenia I planted in the ground in mid-summer heat is still in full bloom. I have always grown torenia as a container plant but had to fill a hole so bought a hanging basket, removed the plant and filled the hole. We've had some chilly weather so this annual has really surprised me.

I have a few other things hanging on this warm autumn but the torenia was the surprise. What's still blooming in your garden?

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I'll have to google torenia, I have no idea what that looks like

In my garden, now there are lots of flowers on the tender salvias (the best one this year was Wendy's Wish, a dusky red, but also one monster pineapple sage and lots of Coral Nymph), lots of Verbena bonariensis - those are really at their peak now.

The 5' tall Aconitum_carmichaeli are in full swing in deep shade; I always think they're not going to bloom, but so far they have never failed.

Most of the mums are in full flower, except for one particularly late (and somewhat weedy) bright magenta one that usually blooms in time for Thanksgiving; the Montauk daisies are doing really well this year, and just starting to get that tattered look; maybe I'll stop trying to kill them after all.

For woodies, one of my Franklinias is going strong, blooming later than its siblings; fairy rose is still looking quite good, although the foliage is getting sort of ratty. Heptacodium (seven sons flower) has those nice red bracts now that are showier than the actual flowers. Butterfly bush is still flowering too, and the spent flowers on most of my hydrangeas are still pretty nice looking.

In the 'sparse reblooming category': my weedy old rudbeckia and all the nepetas are blooming, actually pretty nicely for late October. Also, there are lots of lavenders reblooming, even though I did a poor job dead-heading.

All in all, it's turned out to be a great gardening season.

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molie(z6 CT)

Of course, my Montauk daisy is blooming now.

Some of my roses are still going strong even as the leaves start to yellow/fall like the Knockouts that go on forever, but also my newest one, Dick Clark, a Tamora, and my O So Easy orange rose.

This morning I found buds on my Royal Eventide daylily! That was a nice surprise.

The Lobelia 'Elm Fire' is finally opening. It's a deep orange red against burgundy foliage and shows really well from the end of the garden.

I was surprised that my Phlox 'Blue Paradise' is still blooming. My lavender is sending out sporadic blooms (I ignored mine too this year) as is a small dianthus and my white digitalis.

My smaller asters continue to flower, probably not for long. But actually, I look forward to putting the gardens to bed. Working in the colder soil is not so enjoyable, although it's still "sitting on the deck drinking a cocktail while looking at the gardens and river" season!


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claireplymouth z6b coastal MA

Roses still blooming: Classic Knockout and Blushing Knockout, Carefree Delight, and Carefree Beauty (which is having its best year ever), and a few blooms on several Zepherine Drouhins. Rugosas seem to have quit for the year.

A few asters, which are probably Aster oblongifolius Fanny, are blooming happily and don't seem about to stop for a while yet.

My Phlox Blue Paradise is down to its last bloom, but it has also been hanging on for an amazingly long time.


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not much here ... a little bit from the knockouts; a little bit more from R. Lady Elsie May; a pathetic daylily bloom with no foliage; Joe Pye secondary bloom here and there; A few clematis September blooms hanging on

The real noteworthy plant is Leucosceptrum stellipilum 'October Moon' (Japanese Shrub Mint). It is hitting its peak. I only got it last fall so it doesn't have many blooms -- about a dozen. It is showing potential. By next year, I expect it will put on a good show.

Some of the perennial foliage is still nice and I am hesitant to cut stuff down too soon.

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Wendy, I had to google October Moon - it looks like a lovely plant!

I forgot about Japanese anemone - that's looking really good this year, at about 4 feet tall. It's growing into some tall New Dawn roses, which have pretty much quit for the year, although their foliage is intact.

Sadly, autumn clematis is going strong, and since it's a pest here in zone 7, I'd be much happier if it didn't bloom at all. There will be lots more seedlings to locate and destroy next summer.

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Rudbeckia hirta that isn't the 'Cherry Brandy' the tag says it is along with the odd balloon flower, sunset hyssop & ladybells are still hanging around. The toad lily is a blooming machine this year, growing beside the black snakeroot that's not as enthusiastic as last year.

My phlox 'Blue Paradise' still had buds on it last week but they never opened. It really bloomed non-stop the whole season. I harvested seeds to winter sow but doubt they'll come true.

Persicaria Painters Palette is loaded with flower stems but the cherry red flowers are so tiny, they're barely noticeable. Gaura, gaillardia 'Golden Goblin' & 'Mesa Yellow,' dark maroon single hollyhock, geranium 'Rozanne,' Montauk daisy + a lone salvia are also still going strong.

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mskee(z6 MA)

No hard frost here yet, so I continue to cut some beautiful dahlias and zinnias, the workhorses of the late garden. I have bumblebees that sleep in one variety of dahlias, and I will be sad to see them go!

Also, several varieties of salvias and agastache are still putting out blooms. Enjoying every moment while I can.


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I had a hard frost for two nights about 2 1/2 weeks ago, but since then it has been unusually warm for October in NH, rarely getting below 40 at night. My perennial geraniums are all blooming; the G. Jolly Bees I expect to bloom until a hard freeze, but the regular G. sanguineum as well as the G. sanguineum var. striatum are throwing out blooms as well, which is unusual in the fall. My Clematis 'Daniel Deronda' has a few blooms along with C. 'Ville de Lyon.' I also have several hunks of a lovely copper-colored hardy mum that is just starting to bloom and usually blooms into early November as long as we don't get snow. A few of the Echinacea are blooming, though they are all the older types in pink and white, not any of the new ones in fancy colors or shapes. The not-hardy-here salvias like 'Black and Blue' and an unlabeled bright pink are still blooming, though not as robustly as earlier, and the dark-foliaged yellow dahlia was still blooming well until a woodchuck shredded it two days ago. (It will be the 4th woodchuck that DH has dispatched this season within a couple of hundred feet of the house & garden, 3 of them in the daylily bed along the back of the house.)

As always, the fall-blooming crocus create little dots of blue and the colchicum large swaths of a bluish pink. The cyclamen I planted this spring have put out a couple of cute little pink blossoms as well.

For woodies, I still have blossoms on almost all my hydrangeas: Annabelle, Pinky Winky, Endless Summer, Twist and Shout, and Pink Diamond.

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I just got home from a weeks vacation and found a chrysanthemum had bloomed while I was gone. I'll be out taking my weekly photos tomorow, so I'll find out if there are any other flowers anywhere.

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I also have Persicaria 'Taurus' still in bloom. It has been going for a couple of months! It is not a real showy plant, but pretty good for October. It's bright. It is next to Kalameris so I have a little pastel corner going on.

Yes, the Hydrangeas are great this time of year. My 'Limelight' and 'Quickfire' are very colorful. 'Little Lamb' is dull and brown.

I actually want a hard frost soon. I need to get everything finished for good by Nov 16th, including raking and pots away and making room in garage for car and everything. I am having minor hand surgery and will be one-handed for about 2 weeks. I know I could start cutting down stuff now, but I tried today and I couldn't.

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I was just out in the garden doing my weekly photographs. My carpet of snow alyssum is still blooming nicely. (These are all volunteer plants - it self seeds nicely in my white garden).

I have one clump of brown eyed susans that keep blooming. I plucked all the seed heads off that plant today - will plant those next year and hopefully will have many long blooming plants in future years!

Still getting quite a few morning glory flowers each morning.

Amazingly, the marigolds that I yanked and threw in my brush pile back in early September (when I switched over to mums) have taken root over there and are blooming nicely.

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bill_ri_z6b(Zone 6B)

Princess flower still loaded with blooms and buds, mums are at peak, a few potentillas, knockout roses are still going strong, and even one of my creeping phlox has rebloomed a little. Camellia hasn't started yet.........another two weeks probably. Zinnias, coleus and nasturtiums still full speed ahead, as well as million bells and snapdragons, although the snaps are starting to look a little ratty.

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Thyme2dig NH Zone 5

The other day I decided to have some fun and took some cuttings from the garden for a photograph. Along with those in the photo the usual suspects at this time are still blooming; sedum, aster, chrysanthemum, chocolate joe pye and others.

The fall weather has been simply amazing with such warm days and no frost as of yet here. But the trees and shrubs are really either lacking in color or have fizzled out well before they fell from the trees, at least right in my area. I'm hoping the next cold snap will push along the plants that are still not strutting their stuff. Time will tell.

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The season has been strange. I have many things blooming later than usual here in north/eastern Connecticut: glads, wild ageratum, montauks, cosmos,daylilies, monkhood, roses,
nastursiums, hibiscus, turtlehead, hostas, clematis (white), anemonies, (yellow, hot pink & purple asters).
Even with a light frost yesterday many are still hanging in there.

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bill_ri_z6b(Zone 6B)

I really like the photo. What a great way to create something beautiful from a few snippets!

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molie(z6 CT)

Thyme2dig, that's a beautiful grouping and should be framed or painted and hung.

Maryrose� the same with us along the southern coast of Connecticut. My roses and daylilies have really surprised me as well as my Brunnera Jack Frost which is not blooming but still has beautiful leaves. My anemonies are also magnificent. But we have possible snow showers forecast for the week's end so things might change.


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This is quite an impressive list you all have created. One of my fantasies has been to have an autumn garden--if I had the money, energy and space. Just plants that bloomed and berried in October. Wouldn't that be nice? I can see it in my mind's eye but that's where it stays.

I think Gertrude Jekyll did something like that, tho it may have been mostly asters, or Michaelmas daisies as they call them across the pond.

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diggerdee zone 6 CT

My garden is pretty much done. My zinnias and dahlias survived the sleet last night, but snow on the way tomorrow so they may be gone. A few montauk daisies still in bloom, an amaranthus here and there, a bit of iberis, some half-finished monkshood, a little tithonia - oh, and marigolds are still going quite strongly. I do have some roses in bloom, and a few mums.

I had planted a grouping of mums two years ago, which did well the first two years, and I was hoping for a real display this year, but was sorely disappointed. I'm trying to figure out if they are afflicted with something or if it was just too damp for them this year.

I do have some fall color though - berries on ilex, yellow and red-twig dogwoods, viburnum, and the color on my iteas is wonderful this year.

Oh, just remembered - have some cimicifuga still in bloom too. And believe it or not, one beautiful yellow caltha palustris (marsh marigold). Poor thing must be confused, lol.


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Thyme2dig NH Zone 5

Does snow count?
The zinnias were blooming until the snowfall on Friday night.

Snowing now. Blech....too early for this mess!!

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bill_ri_z6b(Zone 6B)

Thyme 2,
Same here.........knockout roses, potentilla, zinnias,angelonia, impatiens, coleus, basil, nicotiana and million bells with snow on them! We went from late summer to early winter in a week. But after tonight it's supposed to go back to "normal" - whatever that is - and 50's by day and 40's at night. My Snow Flurry camellia hasn't even opened it's first flower yet! It usually goes from now through December until hard freezes.

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