Mushroom Compost mixed with Top Soil

chrisd4421(Zone 6)January 13, 2008

Hi all,

I have the ability to get (by the cu yd) mushroom compost either straight or mixed 1-1 with top soil.

I have two applications and need to know which would be better.

First is my new garden. I want to ammend the soil this year prior to planting with SMC and Peat.

Second is my lawn and reseeding this spring. I am atttempting to organically take care of my lawn for the first time and I want to spread the SMC lightly and seed this spring.

Question is why would I want it mxed with top soil? Would ne or the other work for both of my scenarios?

I am going to cross-post this post into the Soil Forum as well. Hope no one minds.



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I would use it straight, not mixed.

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I agree, I would get it straight and then add some other organic matter such as a form of compost tea or some meals. From what I understand mushroom compost is pretty sterile and doesn't have much microbial life in it. Mix some other good stuff in it and you should be good to go. Even another type of compost with it would be good. Just make sure that it is all a finished product where it is a nice dark color and has no smell left.

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