Blc. Empress Wolsey & Epicatt. Don Herman

savtaj(Z 9-10 (Israel))June 21, 2008

The flowers just opened out on my most recent acquisition. Blooms are 3.5" in diameter. No discernible fragrance, and don't know if it should have?

And, to keep it company, here's the first rebloom of this epicatt, acquired mid. February in bloom.

My apologies for the less-than-perfect (to say the least) photos!


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savtaj(Z 9-10 (Israel))

Sorry, forgot to supply the Blc's full appendage:
Blc. 'Empress Wolsey' "Roman Holiday".

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lwowk(6-B NJ)

Judy that BLC is beautiful! I normally don't like the "catts" that are in the purple family perfering reds and yellows but that one takes my breath away! I need to add this one to my collection!

Nice growing!


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Sheila(8b SW Texas)

Very pretty blooms. Love the lip on the Empress!

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AMYQofU(z9 NorCal)

Very nice. Good work on the rebloom. You must be doing things right!

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That is very nice, both plants look very healthy. I have the Blc Empress worsley 'Roman Holiday' and it loves to be attached to tree trunks. If you live in a tropical area, Israel may be a bit too cold in winter, but you can try a division on tree that is protected from winter winds and see how it does.

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savtaj(Z 9-10 (Israel))

Thanks to all of you for your comments.
Larissa: I also prefer red and yellow catts, but they are hard to find here. However, I love purple, too! The Empress is even more purply in real life. There's a faint scent which seems to be a cross between carnations and tart green apples (maybe!)
Ben: No chance of hanging the Empress on a tree, unless I lean out the window of my third floor apartment lol! In any case it gets quite cold here in winter for this latitude (34oN), as we have an elevation of 800 m. I long for a real garden, but have to make do with my indoor orchids and a window-box.

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Charm(Z8 TX)

Blooms are gorgeous! Good growing.~Charm

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