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jan_on zone 5bDecember 22, 2012

The nursery had a whole row of these NOIDs last spring - everything else labelled of course - my nefarious husband chose this one. Any thoughts about its identity?
(That's a rather large flowered New Guinea impatiens beside it.)

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Fan Dance?

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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

Does that light green center change color during the year? Does it get lighter, does it green up or does it stay relatively the same?


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Ludi _PA_7a

If the middle starts out as a brighter yellow and fades into the green we see, it could be Ventricosa Aureomaculata ??

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jan_on zone 5b

This hosta stayed pretty much this colour all season. It was never as 'interesting' as Fan Dance or Sharmon or Ventricosa Aureomaculata in hosta library. More subtle than any of them. WHY did my husband buy this???
(What is it about hostas?? - I don't know what varieties of tulips I have and that doesn't bother me in the least.)

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looks just like my H. 'Journey's End'. Especially with the corrugation to the leaf.

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Jan; I hate to jump in when I don't feel that I know enough to help you find an answer. Your hosta is a youngster and with little to go on except the photo, I can only guess.

It bears a strong resemblance to me of how my Paul's Glory looks in the spring, and Old Glory all summer long. Mine are next to each other and only get a bit of dappled sun in early morning, so their centers never lighten up much. That leads to why I AM jumping in. If yours gets little or no direct sun, it could be either of the Glorys. The leaf shape and vc appears right for young-uns. Had you taken any measurements of the larger leaf? Did it bloom and if it did what was the color and scape length.

I am not good enough to guess without more info, but from what you have told us I 'could' be right - or not! Maybe you have to wait until late spring b4 giving us more to hrlp answer your NOID question.
I'm like you though. I have some beautiful Oriental Lilys and Huechera and even though I've saved the tags or written their names down, I can't begin to remember theirnames. They are Lillium or Heuchera (I can't even remember if they are Coral Bells or Choral Bells). But my hostas drive me nuts if I have a question about their ID. For years I thought my Honeybells was Invincible (as it was tagged in 2003 when bought)until I saw pics here in Hosta Forum. Then I went ballistic to solve the NOID virus in my body. It must be genetic: sis' Theresa is even worse than I am, with MY hostas! lol
Nice looking hosta though Jan.


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gogirlterri(5 IL)

Hi Jan-
Les doesn't lie. I even have my own rock marker painted green with NOID painted in black on it. Wben I visit the garden and think one is mis-ID'd, I steal the marker rock and replace it with MY NOID rock. tee-hee!
The devil makes me do it :)
If Ken is lurking he needs to add that to his Garden Etiquite list! 'Though shalt not replace another persons markers!'

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Here is another photo, of my H. Journey's End from Naylor. It is a first year plant in 2012, so not showing a mature look. Early August.

I think Journey's End is a potential ID for your hosta.

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