Dendrobium Super Ise

Greencurls(Z5)June 17, 2013

This is my first Dendrobium Nobile type to bloom for me. It bloomed a bit late in the season. Maybe I kept it too cool?

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Congratulations I have never had a nobile bloom for me at least other than a bud or two.


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Thanks. There were 4 buds this year. That is an accomplishment for me since my first nobile met an unfortunate end. I am hoping for more flowers next season as the plant matures.

I forgot to mention that it is very fragrant in the morning. Smells like honeysuckle to me.

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I had one many years ago. I grew it very cool and got a lot of flowers. It also keikis like crazy and they will bloom. Loved the fragrance. Brings back fond memories. I found it an easy Dend, I wouldn't worry about growing it too cool.


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