Compost tea recipe for soil drench

nc_razorback(7b)February 25, 2007


Just made my first batch of compost tea (5-gallon brew) for a soil drench for my NC red clay. The tea brewed up fine and dandy, but as an undiluted soil drench it only covered a fraction of my yard (1/2 acre). So now I'm ready to increase production to 15 gallons of brew, but I wanna make sure my recipe will scale properly.

Here's the tea recipe:

a) "wiggle worm" worm castings - 1 lb.

b) Fish hydrolysate - 1/2oz. per gallon

c) Humate concentrate - 1/2oz per gallon

Obviously, I know how to scale parts b) and c), but do I need 3 times the amount of worm castings to go from a 5-gallon brew to a 15-gallon brew?

BTW, many thanks to David Hall for his web site that hosts the Deuley's Little Texas Tea Brewer instructions. Great site and great brewer instructions.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Awwww, garsh!

Yes it scales the same. It's as if you made three 5-gallon pots. And I think your recipe sounds fantastic! Do you have a source of pond water? I need to update that website if only to say that it's had its last update.

I heard Bruce Deuley on the radio this morning. He's Mister Natural. Now he's hawking natural (unpasteurized and homogenized milk. You can't buy that kind of milk in Texas unless you belong to a special club where you swear not to sue the seller if you get sick. He does have a point about relative hazards. You can buy dursban but you can't buy natural milk. Of course you're not eating dursban.

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Not lucky enough to have any pond water around. I've got chlorinated water that I've got to run the air stones in to de-chlorinate.

Thanks for the quick follow-up David. It's full steam ahead on my 15-gal brewing now.

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