Unsulfphered Molasses v. Cane Syrup v. Organic Molasses

chickadee_42us(8a Tx)February 26, 2008

Is there a difference?

I bought the small jar of molasses to spray on the overfilled leaf mulch left on yard area to help cut down on the natural leaf mulch.

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lou_midlothian_tx(z8 DFW, Tx)

Just stick with regular unsulfured blackstrap molasses. Organic molasses is overpriced stuff.

Are you saying that you have so many leaves and you cant mulch mow them into pieces to see the grass? I guess molasses will help break them down a bit but it's a bit too cool for rapid break down. If it's too much, you can use leaf blower and put the excess leaves in the shrub bed or around the young trees.

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This is a question I've been meaning to ask for a while here - is unsulphured molasses the same as blackstrap?

Here's what's available in the DC area: http://www.peapod.com/?001=523.
If the link doesn't work, it's for Grandma's Molasses Gold.
Ingredients: Molasses.
INFO: Molasses Unsulphured Mild Flavor
Manufacturer: Mott's North America

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lou_midlothian_tx(z8 DFW, Tx)

No. It's just either unsulfured or sulfured molasses. Sometimes i see unsulfured blackstrap molasses. I had the opportunity to check out both unsulfured molasses and unsulfured blackstrap molasses from same brand and it appears that blackstrap is more bit nutritous than no-nblackstrap. I use Brer Rabbit brand. Just one tablespoon of Brer Rabbit's blackstrap molasses provide 1/4th of daily requirement for calcium, magnesium and iron! That is potent stuff.

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chickadee_42us(8a Tx)

Yes, Lou, I am not happy with the amount of leaf matter left after mulch mowing. I have two pecan trees and of course oaks that leave mess. Between the pecans, acorns and leaves ? I am not sure if this year is any different or if it is due to the damage received from previous years to Take All Fungus and the lawn is simply more bare. After reading more here I believe this Take All ??? is what took my St. Augustine.
Going to an organic shop this weekend to check into 'what is provided' there and then swing by a county feed store to see if they have the CGM or CSM, local feed does not have any. I can get the compost at wallyworld. And, I am going to ask if they can order Palmetto St. Augustine.

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chickadee 42us, if I could take you on a virtual tour of a cane sugar factory; the cane stalks are crushed and the cane juice collected. This extraction process is so thorough that the fiber residue, bagasse, is fed directly to the boiler furnaces for steam generation. The juice is filtered through a screen and the suspended matter so separated is collected to be applied to the cane fields as an organic 'fertilizer' (filter mud or filter cake). This juice is clarified (limestone and triple super phosphate are often added during this phase) and the clear juice is boiled under vacuum (the opposite of a pressure cooker) to concentrate the sucrose into a syrup. When it is judged to be concentrated enough, a 'slurry' of small sucrose crystals is introduced into the vessel and this precipitates sucrose crystals which are then allowed to grow bigger (like growing crystals in chemistry class). When the 'Panboiler' decides that the crystals are grown enough, he lets the 'massecuite' (a suspension of sucrose crystals in 'molasses') into the centrifugal baskets. These spin out the molasses (rather like the spin cycle of a washing machine) which is collected and processed into alcohol. The sugar inside the baskets is bagged or exported in bulk. This 'final' molasses is also called blackstrap molasses. I guess that the crop which produces the molasses has to be organically grown for the molasses to be so labelled. Any grade of molasses can be sulfured i.e. a preservative is added. I do not know that cane syrup, as I know the product, has a use in organic lawn care but I am sure that I will be enlightened shortly. I set out to answer your question and took a trip down memory lane to answer it. How much better can a Saturday morning get?

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lou_midlothian_tx(z8 DFW, Tx)

Is this your first year that you're going to maintain your lawn organically? If so, you will have to put down finished compost to introduce microbes species that might be missing from your soil. Then you should get corn meal from animal feed store and apply at the rate of 20lbs per 1000 sqft to cure/prevent pathogenic fungal outbreak. Calloway's sells Palmetto plugs as well but it is too early, I think for any stores in zone 8a to be selling plugs. Everything are still brown even my st augustine (mostly). If there's calloway nearby you, ask if they sell Sapphire st augustine as well. According to Sod Solution website (the licensor of Palmetto and Sapphire) says that Calloway's sells them in plugs. You can try mixing them together and let them fight for survival. I have both and sapphire seems to establish way faster than palmetto but palmetto seems to green up a bit earlier. Sapphire fills in very fast, a lot faster than Palmetto for sure.

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Molasses is great! I make a great hair treatment with molasses added! Does wonder for the hair! Unsulphered is the best! www.hairbesilk.com

Here is a link that might be useful: hair be silk

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