Hoe, hoe, hoe

pattyokieApril 18, 2014

This is such a basic question I almost logged in on another name to disguise myself, but...
I recently discovered a hoe for weeding. Who knew it was so much easier than bending over & hand-pulling each weed?? My question is: once you've cut the weeds off with the hoe, do you then get down & shake the dirt off them & throw them away or what are you supposed to do with them?

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zzackey(8b GA)

You can compost them if they aren't flowering or seeding. Otherwise throw them out.

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I'm glad you did post it. Might give some herbicide junkies something to chew on. It answers the all too common question asked (and answered) on many of the forums --

Question: "Help!! HOW do I get rid of these weeds!!!".

Answer: "Roundup".

Unless its tiny babies, I rake them up if there's a lot, put them in a bucket & toss. If I'm hand pulling, I toss them in the bucket as I go. Seeds are usually present in many weeds so to keep from sorting them out or finding out later I don't think its worth composting.

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I seldom compost mine. I weed often and don't have enough to make a trip back to the compost pile worthwhile. I would say that at least 90% of weeds are whacked across the hoe handle to knock the dirt off of them and tossed out on the lawn for the mower to eat. If I am using the Hula hoe they lay where they fall.

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I've been using my hoe more often...it is a lot easier!

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TotemWolf(7 SWOK-Greer County)

I weed very often. I try to get ' em young. That means most rot where they lay. For bigger weeds they normally are tossed in lawn and mulched by the mower. Of course my lawn is whatever grows where I haven't planted something...... yet.

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Thank you all so much! I wondered if I could just leave them & then put down mulch on top, but perhaps the seeds would be left to grow then.

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I sacrifice them to the rain gods. This is a recent thing, so if we have a turn around on the drought conditions, you know who to thank.

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