Spreading Bone Meal

paulsiu(5a)March 31, 2012

My soil test indicate phosphorous is low on my lawn. To fix it, I thought of adding some bone meal. I think it's possible to get a big bag of it.

My question is how do much do you spread? Can I just load it up into my spreader and run around with it?

Secondly, I notice article indicating that bone meal should be spread in the fall. Is there some reason why I can't do it in spring to give time for the microbes to break down the bones?


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It will take several months for the Soil Food Web to convert you Bone Meal into something that plants can use, after it is worked into the soil. It probably will not hurt anything to put Bone Meal down now but it won't help your P deficiency this year.
How much depends on what is needed, the percent of P in the Bone Meal, and how active your Soil Food Web is.

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