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chickencoupeApril 3, 2013

While grieving the effect, I'm grateful for the rain. I look forward to the next Oklahoma Drought Monitor update. We've received less than 2 inches of moisture over the last 3 days. Truly, it seems more than this with all the puddles of mud and miserable dogs. Right now my dog is barking at me to let her in the house. Spoiled brat. Even her retreat is flooded.

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joellenh(6b Jenks)

Dave is complaining about the mud and puddles in the yard too. I keep reminding him that we need about a million inches of rain to catch up. And that shortly, we won't see a drop for months. I am CERTAIN that all of my strawberry plants are dead, and pretty sure that all of my blueberries and blackberries are too. All from the dang drought. :(. So I say let it POUR!


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Bon, I can relate to how you feel, our dog does not want to go out side.

Jo, if you are a million inches behind I sure hope you dont get caught up real soon. We finished the year about 12" behind and I doubt that we are anywhere near caught up, but it is really wet here.

I have been trying to pot-up today because my tomatoes are getting too large tor the lights.


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Okiedawn OK Zone 7


The next Drought Monitor comes out tomorrow but only will reflect rain reported as of 7 a.m, Tuesday morning. To see the impact of the rest of this week's rain, we'll have to wait for next week's Drought Monitor. Over the last few weeks, eastern and central OK already have shown some improvement and they likely will make it back to normal before the rest of us do....if any of us make it back to normal at all.

Your dog is smart. Who wants to be out in the mud? Mine are in the house chewing on rawhide bones and hoping it rains every day forever so they can stay inside all the time.

Jo, I think a lot of us are in the same boat with you with far too many plants lost to the last two years of drought. I was going to replant berries this year, but it was forecast to be another drought year, so I am going to wait and replant berries next year.

I am not crazy about the puddles either, but we sure need all the rain we can get.

Larry, It is amazing how fast you go from too dry to too wet there, and once you're too wet, it seems like you don't get a chance for the soil to dry out for ages and ages.

I brought my tomato plants inside because we are supposed to be in the 30s tonight and I don't like to let them get too cold, but they are too tall to go back on the light shelf,so they are sitting on every flat surface available in the breakfast room.

I warned the cats that I'd better not come downstairs tomorrow morning and find a cat sleeping on a flat of tomato plants.

After cold temperatures tonight and tomorrow night, the warm-up begins and I'd like to start putting the tomato plants in the ground, but the soil is going to be really wet for a few days, and then more rain is forecast for next week. I don't want to whine about it being too wet to plant, but I am going to start getting antsy if I cannot get my tomato plants in the ground next week.

I love the rain though, and I am grateful for every drop that falls even if it isn't falling at exactly the most convenient time.

Which graphic do y'all want to see? How about rainfall for the last 30 days? (This map updates every 5 minutes, so you cannot get much more current than that.)


Here is a link that might be useful: 30-Day Rainfall Accumulation

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I'm very happy for y'all. Every tenth of an inch is a joy, even with muddy dogs.

If the climate folks are right, you'll get a good bit more over the next week or more.Haul out the kayaks!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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It's been raining for two days straight and it looks like we're at about 2 1/2 inches now, and it's still raining. I love it even if it does mean I'll be planting later than I hoped. Larry and I were just sitting here saying that we haven't heard anyone complain, even people who normally become grumpy when it's rainy. Everything is really greening up and once the sun comes out, that will speed up even more. The 7-day forecast on Channel 9 tonight is just nuts though ... beautiful weather through the weekend, then severe storm chances Monday/Tuesday, then back to winter with a high of 39 and chance of a winter mix next Wednesday!


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We have had ZERO runoff for the last 377 days. None whatsoever in that time frame with only two rainfall events of an inch or more in that 12 months. Plus we only had one inch all of this March. (we're the new Guymon!)

But the good news is that we are up to 1.44 inches total for the last three days, and it looks like it is going to give us up to another half inch and we are starting to see a little runoff. If we can get that half inch in the next two hours the pond will finally come up 6 or 12 inches. Then maybe next week something big will happen now that the ground is almost saturated.

The areas around us have done better and are totally saturated with some runoff already. Things are looking up, temp-wise also.

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I've received 4.22 inches over the last 6 days. 4.21 inches over the last 5, heh. Nice steady rain has thoroughly saturated the ground.

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Pam, I've been watching the models for next week that some of the bloggers have been posting in the comments section on Dr. Masters' blog. While I am not happy about the potentially severe weather that some models indicate could happen, I'm thrilled about the prospect of more rain even if it makes it hard for us to plant on time. We need the rainfall so desperately, as Scott's comments indicate.

Since you linked the 6-10 day outlook, I'll link the 7-day QPF.

Scott, Y'all have had just the worst luck with rain for the last....how long? Year? Longer? Maybe your luck is about to change...check out the Drought Outlook I posted on a different thread. Our pond catches runoff a little....it has a couple of inches of rainfall in it now, but then the water soaks into the ultra-dry pond bottom after a couple of days.

Suzie, I'm so excited for y'all that you're having such good rainfall. I haven't heard any complaining here either, or the complaints are along the lines of something like this "I hate the mud, but I'm loving the rain".

The models that show winter precipitation next week cannot be trusted this far in advance, so I'm not going to worry about what they're showing until we get closer to the days when the winter precip would fall. A lot can change between now and then and I expect it will.

Dulahey, Hooray for the saturated ground! In recent years, the weather has given us gardeners little to be happy about. This long overdue rain and saturated ground is something to really celebrate! My ground is saturated too and it squishes when you walk on it. We haven't had much squishy ground in the last couple of years.

Y'all can click on the link below to see the Weather Prediction Center's 7-day Qualitative Precipitation Forecast. It updates regularly and I expect we'll see some changes in it every day, but at the present time it is showing great rainfall accumulations over the next 7 days. And, who are we kidding? After two years of drought, we'd be happy if it only showed a half-inch or inch, and for most of us it shows more than that. In some cases, significantly more.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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My weather station got clogged up by a small seed so my data got messed up a little. Lost some water getting the seed out. It read 2.0 inches over the three days. Mesonet and channel 6's cumulative are more like 2.2 or 2.3.

Still no runoff but the ground is saturated for the moment and the 80 acres of clover is beautiful. The pond went up about 6 inches. We were lucky with the final wave of rain last night.

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Lisa_H OK(7)

My rain gauge said 2.25 inches. Woo hoo!! The ground is not even soggy, just nicely wet.


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We fixed our rain gauge (just a cheap plastic thing and the bottom had worked it's way loose) and we got THREE & 1/2 INCHES total!!! Woohoo!! It was a nice, soaking rain too.


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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

It looks like most of us have a good chance for rain next week, but the risk of severe thunderstorms sounds pretty serious with this batch.

All the rain that ran off into our big pond now has soaked into the thirsty pond-bottom. Since we have clay, we're still really soggy but most of the standing puddles have soaked into the ground in the yard and the garden, although a few areas around the gravel driveway still have puddles the size of small lakes.

A mosquito bit me yesterday and I retaliated by killing it.

Must be spring!

I'm going to link the NWS-Norman webpage. Check out the graphics on that page for all the stuff expected to accompany our next big rain chance. Monday and Tuesday might be a good day to go visit friends in some other state....though not in Texas or Kansas.

Here is a link that might be useful: NWS-Norman

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it's hard to believe we received less than 3" of rain. I need to get my own rain gauge!

We're in that area predicted for strong winds and hail. I'm really glad I don't have a garden this year and just a few potted items.

All in all, I'm really happy everyone got some moisture!


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