2012 Fling- Plants we're bringing

tigerdawn(7)April 22, 2012

As I said in the sign up thread- it's getting really long so I'm starting one about plants we're planning to bring and plants we're looking for.

I have the following ready to go:

Orange Cosmos


Tall White Zinnia

Perennial Blue Salvia

Orange Mint


Daffodils (mostly Ice Follies)

Iris (purple, yellow)

Pattypan Squash

White Prairie Aster

Rose of Sharon (all white, purple with pink center)

I would like

Plants to attract butterflies, bees, and birds

Things that bloom between the daffodils and the rest of the spring plants

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Looks like I forgot a couple
Lemon Balm
Blue Spruce Sedum

Also, if you are interested in these, let me know so I can make sure to bring enough.

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I will bring all my back up plants of Tomatoes, Peppers, Eggplants from seeds I started. Some seedling of cone flowers, rudbeckia, mint, red basil.

Let me know if any of you need seeds for fall gardening.I have lot of extra seeds of Kohinoor red carrots, cilantro, dill, cluster beans, spinach, etc.


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I'll be bringing rudbeckia (perennial-attracts butterflies), white out roses and anything else I can get my hands on this time of year! May I swap some iris and daffodils with you?

Also I'll bring any extra trees I have around, I need to take inventory pretty quick!

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I don't have many plants in the new garden to bring, except for lamb's ear. Pretty gray foliage that is fun to pet, attracts bees and butterflies, easy-care, and deer resistant. Can be invasive but easy to pull out any you don't want to spread. I dug 7 big pots of this yesterday to bring to the fling. Anyone want me to put their name on one or two pots and put on the "saved for a specific person" table? Otherwise they go into the general melee for anyone to pick up.

Also have some euonymus groundcover and tons of monkey grass if anyone requests I will dig some and put your name on it - these are pretty common so may not have much interest in those so I don't want to leave them for Paula to deal with.

Also bringing lots of bamboo poles that people can use to stake plants or make trellises, plus some metallic garden art (butterflies, pinwheels, etc) that we inherited with the house but isn't our style.

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Oh my word, I want one of everything!! Two of some things! Alright, I'll calm down. Mia - may I have some lamb's ear? I have really special memories of it. I tried growing it from seed - but was unsuccessful.

I'm bringing day lilies. Unfortunately, I don't know the colors. I also have some crinums that I could bring if anyone is interested. Let me know.

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I am bringing a few lilac saplings........

Mia I would love some lambs ear,it is a special favorite and 3 droughts back or so took mine out.

thank you
Leava :)

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Ladychips and Leava, I will mark some pots for you especially and leave them on the table designated for pre-planned exchanges. Glad the lamb's ear is finding a home!

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Well, I'm not "bringing" since I'm already here, but Seedmama - I haven't forgotten the 3 peppers you requested!

Also, for any who's interested - we have chickasaw plums (some people call them sand plums). If you'll bring a large pot, we'll have a shovel and you're welcome to some of the multitude of saplings that are still trying to spread everywhere.


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Tigerdwan, can I get one Rose of Sharon?
Mia, I love to have one lamb's ear if you have extra and Paula I am happy dig up one chickasaw plums for the spot of apple tree died last summer.


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Mia, I could use a lamb's ear if you still have one.

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Chandra- would you like a white or purple?

I'll also take a lambs ear if there are any left, and a lilac sapling. I brought one home last year but the heat killed it.

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either one will do. my daughter's favorite color is purple no pink! -Chandra

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Chandra and Carol, I have you down for lamb's ear, too. I have three additional unclaimed pots, and if I get ambitious, might dig some more tomorrow night. Tonight I spent breaking bamboo canes down to 8 ft lengths to fit in my car - don't worry, they are easy to break down smaller if you want to have shorter lengths to fit in your car. Also cut down some vinyl mini-blinds to plant markers to bring, too. I will be there bright and early, because I have to leave by 12:30 to get on to the wedding I'm photographing. I will be visiting at warp speed but can't wait to see everyone!

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Go Mia! Go Mia! Go Mia!

THE PORTA POTTY HAS ARRIVED!!! Now starts the count-down for me! I'll spend most of today scurrying around getting ready, setting up tables, signs, etc.

I'm looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow! Be sure to watch for our Garden Witch out by the drive! She'll there to welcome you all again this year!


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Hi all! I am getting ready to head outside to see what plants are going to make the cut to go to the spring fling. Its my first year to do seeds, the caterpillars have taken their toll on my seedlings so pickings are kinda slim.

Mia, if you have any Lambs Ear left I would love one.

I'm also hoping to bring home a Laura Bush petunia. Petunias are my favorite, I have never had the LB.

I am looking forward to meeting everyone!

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Done and done, TraceyOKC. Okiedawn usually brings some LB petunias, I think I got several from her last year. They didn't make the journey to my new house, so hoping she has a few extras this year.

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trees4ok, I'd love to have a white out rose! Also, I'd like for you to bring info, written or verbal, about your tree farm. I'm working on a long range plan.

I had 600 herbs going, some of which were destined for the Fling. Water Boy didn't get the job done when I was out of town for 4 days, so no herbs. However, I can bring seed for any who are interested. Does anyone want to grow borage? I also will bag up Perkins Long Pod okra and Yard long beans seed for any who want them. If there are other seeds you've had on your wish list, but don't want a whole pack, let me know and I will check my stash.

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

I am bringing all my extra tomato and pepper plants, but don't have a list of the specific varieties to post here yet. If I get a chance, I'll post one tonight.

There will be a lot--maybe 20--of the new tomato variety, Indigo Rose, that produces blue tomatoes. I hope everyone who wants to try it will be able to get one. I grew the whole packet of seed so I'd have plenty to share. I might have more than 20 to bring. It depends on how many I put into the ground today. Just a heads up---most of these plants have a serious purple tinge to the foliage and stems, which is normal for them and it is not a sign of a nutritional deficiency.

I am going to dig up Laura Bush petunia seedling volunteers from the asparagus bed this afternoon as soon as the sun is far enough west that I'll be digging them in the shade. I am going to put them in six-packs cut in half so you can take home 3, 6, 9 or whatever. I will bring a lot because they'll be the only plants short enough to slide up under the back seat of the pickup. I think it likely I can get 2 or 3 flats under that seat depending on what kind of junk Tim has up under those seats.

If anyone wants chamomile seedlings, let me know and I can dig up some and pot them up. They are popping up in my pathways.

If anyone is interested in native devil's claw and wants one, let me know. I have six volunteers in the squash bed and only intend to keep one, so I can bring 5 of them. They are used for some medicinal purpose, though I don't remember what it is. I just grow them for the seed pods (see link below) which look like giant mosquitoes, which entertains garden visitors from age 6 to 96. The devil's claw plants here have pink flowers.

If I can find any little seedlings of tall verbena (verbena bonariensis), I'll pot them up and bring them. All my mature ones are blooming, and the cutworms got a lot of the volunteers a couple of weeks ago, but I likely can find a few survivors.

If anyone wants four o'clocks, let me know before dark and I'll dig up and bring some. This are likely to be larger ones, not volunteers because the aforementioned cut worms got those seedlings too.

P-Mac I'm bringing you a dozen large tomato plants with your name on them and figured that you can choose from the remaining extra big ones for however many more you need. The dozen biggies are in larger pots so they could start spreading out more while waiting for the fling to get here. I think you'll be pleased with them. At least one of then has a fruit on it.


Here is a link that might be useful: Devil's Claw

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Dawn, I love to try one Indigo Rose, Laura Bush Petunia, and one chamomile for my herbal garden. is that Indigo Rose is different than OSU blue? I have one OSU blue growing well from last year's seeds-Chandra

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Hey Dawn - I'll take some chamomile if you have extra! I killed (by placement) the ones I bought last year and this year, the seeds didn't come up. I think they were old.

Thank you for the tomatoes!!!! Between you and Carol, my tomatoe needs are more than satisfied! I really appreciate you both so much. I was really scared I was going to have to rely on a box store's offerings as far as tomatoes but true to form - my garden buddies stepped in to rescue me!

I really should be outside finishing up for tomorrow, but I'm so excited I keep coming inside to check in here!


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Paula, I have your tomatoes and pepper too! I hope you have room for them as well LOL! -Chandra

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Dawn, would love to try an indigo rose. Am on the hunt for cherry/plum size tomatoes, maybe 3 or 4, to fill in a space I left for Fling plants.

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Mia, I still have one Tess's Land Race which is a currant and smaller than a cherry. If you want that one I will be happy to bring it.

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Y'all, the only chamomile seedlings I found were an inch tall, so I dug them up and potted them into paper cups. If they are still alive in the morning, I'll bring them. I also dug up some Datura (Angel's Trumpet) plants while digging up a handful of Devil's Claw. Hey, from heaven to hell with just two plants!

Chandra, The "Indigo Rose" tomato is a O-P selection of P-20 from all the breeding work Dr. Myers and his group have been doing at OSU, so is similar to OSU Blue but probably not identical. See the linked article for more info. Some people who've grown "Indigo Rose" give it a 7.5 or 8 for flavor on a scale of 1-10, and others didn't speak as highly of it. I figure the only way for us to know if it is worth growing is to try it. If nothing else, the purplish-blue tomatoes will be a great conversation piece at worst, or at best, we'll have another delicious tomato in a stunningly different color.

I'm bringing two flats of Laura Bush petunias. Some are in 3-packs and some are in 6-packs, so hopefully there will be enough for everyone.

Paula, You don't have to thank me. It is my pleasure to share my tomato trees with you. Tim is worried they won't fit into the truck, but we'll think of something. : )

Y'all always refer to my tomato plants as trees, but this time, Paula's plants are trees because I've been pampering them so they'll take off quickly and make tomatoes ASAP.

Mia, Between making the Habanero Gold jelly, which is now a tradition for the Spring Fling, and making Annie's Salsa, I never made it back out to the greenhouse to make a list of what I am bringing, but I'm pretty sure I have several kinds of bite-sized tomatoes, including Yellow Submarine, Medovaya Kaplya (fairly sure I mangled the spelling of that one), Black Cherry, Matt's Wild Cherry, at least one Tess's Land Race Currant, at least one Ildi (for Carol, but if I have more than one Ildi, I think you'd like it), and a couple of Black Plum. I bet we can find something you'll like.

I need to get out a notebook and make a list of everything I'm supposed to bring because I'm worried I'll forget something.

Seedmama, If you see this, I have the tortillas (a lot of them!) to go with your pulled pork, and all kinds of toppings (Annie's Salsa, Pico, Sour Cream, Shredded Cheese and Habanero Gold).

If I get a chance, I'll dig y'all each a big chamomile plant that is full bloom in the morning. I'll have to cut off the top of each plant, but I move them that way in my garden all the time---I chop off 50-60% of the plant and transplant and water them and they grow back fast and start blooming again. Chamomile is really, really tough.

The only thing I don't have ready to bring is sweet pepper plants. I haven't planted mine yet and haven't even looked at the name tags to see what has survived thus far. In the morning, I'll likely grab a handful to bring. I got behind on planting....because it didn't seem intelligent to transplant anything today with temps in the low 90s and wind gusting up to about 30 mph.

I also need to get off this computer and gather/organize the door prizes I'm bringing.

Sheri, If you see this, I've got a Brandy Boy with your name on it.


Here is a link that might be useful: Indigo Rose

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I'm scared to plant the Tess Monster! :) My whole garden is only 15x15 this year... if I wanted to devote the whole thing to Tess... hmmm. LOL

I've made a list of some of the interesting sounding tomatoes that, and now am going to go outside and make a list of what I have already so that I don't procure any duplicates. I feel some container tomato gardening in my future - how will I be able to limit myself to just three of all this awesomeness at the Fling?! INCONCEIVABLE!

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Dawn,thanks for into.

Mia I have few cherry tomatoes for you..
here is plants going for the spring fling; tomato plants are leggy else all right;

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Your tortillas and toppings will surely outshine the pork! I just put it in the crock pot to start warming.

If you have an extra Matt's Wild Cherry, I'd love to grow it. If not, I've nailed down a source for seeds next year.

JoEllen, I just took three lavender crepe myrtle cuttings for you. They'll need immediate attention when you get home.

Paula, Mia, Carol, Lisa, I have loaded the things promised to you.

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