Anyone have any large pots you're not using?

zahzeen(5)October 30, 2011


Michelle and I are going back down to CT to dig up Abi's yard some more next Saturday with Michelle's "plant mobile" (need to double check that Abi is still available) and need big pots. The regular plastic kind from nurseries or the box stores. Michelle was fortuate to get an email from Linda in MA (don't know if it's OK to mention the town, so I won't) and she donated over 200 regular (medium) size pots for the Plant Sale for Childrens' Hospital (and a sunflower that will grow to be humongous). Thanks again!

If anyone has any big gallon+ size planters collecting dust in the gargage that they would like to see reused for a good cause on two fronts (rescuing plants, hydrangeas, and some roses from the mower and helping the Childrens' Hospital), please send either Michelle (ontheteam) or myself an email and if you are in the greater Boston area, I can pick them up this week so we can use them on Saturday. Also, if you know any nurseries with leftover big pots that may be able to help us out would be great to know (Michelle also needs dirt right now). Thanks so much for listening to me "grovel" again for donations!

Stay warm and dry,


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You can try asking on Craigslist in your area under the farm and garden category if you don't get enough here.

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Both you and Michelle can also post on your local freecycle for them as well.


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Thanks, I'll try Craig's list - I've used them once before but didn't realize they had a farm and garden category. Also, thanks Fran. Do you know I can access my local freecycle - is it run by the town?

In the last few hours I saw a report on snow fall in CT .... I didn't think it would be an issue since I got less than an inch but I don't know about Abi's......

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If I remember correectly, Freecycle is a Yahoo group that once you register for, you can access the particular site. I don't know which would be your local site, so I linked the page listing all MA groups.

I'd also try contacting Abi before going since the amount of snow and associated damage (no power due to trees falling) varies quite a bit over relatively short distances.

Here is a link that might be useful: MA Freecycle groups

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Thanks again to both of you! I didn't see anything on Craig's list but signed up via the link to Freecycle and BOOM! There was one post for exactly what I was looking for, one for clay and ceramic pots and one for burlap bags. Unfortunately, they were a little dated but I responded to all of them anyway and will ask Michelle to post a "wanted" as well. There were also a couple of posts with offers to come "dig up my yard" from the spring and summer. From now on I'll be keeping my eyes on this website! I did send Abi an email and hopefully she is still available and the ground is "diggable". Thank you both again so much!

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