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runktrun(z7a MA)October 7, 2009

TechnologyÂ. you gotta love it. Here are a few innovations we can enjoy today or look forward to tomorrow.

 This npr article " Every Plant Has Meaning On 'Island Of Bar Codes'" (page may be slow to load but worth the wait) is one of my favorites, I can now stop beating myself up for my lack of plant labeling as it wonÂt be too far off that Within a few years, Kress imagines kids wandering through forests around the world with portable scanners that could analyze a sample of any plant, check it against the DNA database, and know within a few seconds what species they're looking at.

 Or how cool is it that someone is working on an "organic replacement" for the millions of pounds of salt that are sprayed on New EnglandÂs slippery roads.

 I love my iphone and yes app designers have been slow to consider gardening but here are a few that you might find interesting. I would love to hear your review if you have used any garden related app. "San-Jose-Gardening-Examiner"

Have you come across anything new that you would like to share?

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tree_oracle(z6b MA)

There is no organic product that will ever be able to compete in cost with sodium or calcium chloride. Actually, anything that dissolves in water will lower its freezing point and consequently melt ice. You could spread sugar on your driveway and it would melt the ice but its not cost effective to do so. The amount the freezing point is lowered is proportional to the amount of substance that dissolves in water. Based on this behavior, it is also hard to beat sodium chloride which is freely soluble in water and far more so than most (but not all) organics.

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DNA bar codes? Isn't that a little creepy? Hmmm. I guess once the genes that determine hardiness are identified (maybe they already have been?) this kind of thing could be used to more accurately assess hybrids that are developed to improve cold tolerance.

The high tech gadget I'd like to have is a soil analysis gizmo that will tell not only the PH of my soil but the nutrient content (so I can do dozens of soil tests instead of 2 or 3). I think they make something like this, at least for PH, but they're not very good (yet).

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arbo_retum(z5 ,WinchstrMA)

tree oracle,
that's a really neat piece of knowledge you shared w/ us, so thanks much for that. I would, however, caution against using 'never'('not ever' etc.) is a response concerning future technology.

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