Bare-rooted lupines, will they make it?

deanna_in_nh(5a/4b)October 4, 2010

My weeding last year apparently wasn't too successful in one area. I WS Lupines this past year and planted them this spring in that spot. The weeds have grown up through the roots of the lupines to the point that my only option for total weed removal was bare-rooting the lupines. which I did yesterday. They are looking a little sad and limp, but are getting plenty of water. Do you think they'll make it this winter? Did disturbing them this late in the season spell certain death?

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ontheteam(5a-6 (S.Eastern, MA))

hmmmm..... IDK That musta been one u-g-l-y weed that HAD to go!
Good luck! I bet the Lupin bounces back.

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I often find that my lupines don't overwinter well, perhaps just my seed strain, perhaps the voles find them particularly tasty. So I let them go to seed and sprout where ever they want and then remove ones that I don't want. If yours don't survive, let me know and I'll save you some seed next year.

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Yes, it was U-G-L-Y. It's common, but I don't know it's name. Looks like a grass, but bends gracefully over rather than sticking straight up, gets almost a foot tall. The roots are white and splay out from a point. That means they are hard to pull because they anchor themselves. Like, they anchor themselves on my lupine roots. So, I bare rooted.

nhbabs, if you grow from seed, do yours bloom the first year? I only got two blooms, but I thought they weren't supposed to bloom the first year anyway. My soil was poor, and got serious organic compost enrichment during the bare rooting so next year they'll have a much healthier environment. Were they all supposed to bloom the first year?

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I think that mine bloom their second year for the most part.

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