National mall organic turf experiment

kelleynelsonMarch 18, 2008

Has anyone posted yet about the organic turf maintenance project being run in part of the national mall in DC?

Four acres of the mall are receiving various organic makeovers to see how those plots fare compared to the traditionally maintained areas.

Some details here -

The project is sponsored by, but they don't have any material about this on their website yet.

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Video about the project -

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Thanks for the link. Another reason to take DW to the Cherry Blossoms and check out the plots. Any idea when they planted? Looks like last fall in the video.

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Yep, they seeded last fall. I think the first link I posted includes pretty accurate location info on the plots. My wife shakes her head when I take note of the turf when we go places ;)

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Can't believe I didn't know about this until last week. Came across this on another "professional" lawn forum:

Had to laugh at the comment regarding the compacted soil - if there's one lawn that has compaction problems, it's the National Mall.

May have to take a bike ride down there and take some photos. (I'll be the only person on the Mall NOT taking a picture of the cherry blossoms!)

Here is a link that might be useful: Organic Forum

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

The video looks a lot more promising than the written blurb. Of course I would have simply started mowing higher and using corn meal and alfalfa without all the renovation. Hard soil doesn't bother me. Especially on a large scale like that, trying to make a huge adjustment by ripping it, well, I think it will remain very hard but would be healthier whether it was ripped or not.

Interesting project. Hope Monsanto doesn't sabotage it.

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