Cattleya gaskelliana

bayard(zone 6 / NJ)June 16, 2008

A particularly nice flowering this year, but it has got to get repotted!

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Charm(Z8 TX)

Beautiful display! I have the semi-alba form....I really like yours.~Charm

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Very nice blooms Bayard. The colors reminds me of C Jenmanii (that I cannot grow).

Don't you hate it when one your favorite catts put on a really good show only when it starts to outgrow it's pot? IMHO I think it could have more flowers next year, how about not dividing it by placing it in a larger pot? Another good thing about your plant is that it is quite compact compared to mine.


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xmpraedicta(3b Saskatoon)

Magnificent display and very good depth of focus on those blooms!

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What a glorious blooming. Seems a shame to divide such a beautiful specimen. I also find that many of my catts seem to bloom out best when they are outgrowing the pot or basket.


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That is a beautiful plant. I love those catts!!! I have a similar one I am going to have to repot. It blooms in the Fall.

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bayard(zone 6 / NJ)

Thanks for the comments! I agree with Marci and Harvey - they do seem to bloom their best just as they are outgrowing their pots. I repotted this one five (!) years ago with straight large bark. The growths branch freely and have very short distances between them, making this an ideal candidate for a specimen plant. However, in my experience I'm pushing my luck, as several prized specimens have dissolved away after reaching a peak like this. The mix tends to become toxic as it breaks down, leading to rapid decline. Better to do it soon before I'm sorry!

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Beautiful display, love the way they 'pose' for you. Great growing as always!

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triciami5(z5 MI)

That is beautiful, I have a Phal that is like that it is hughe, and keeps on blooming, the sphag is about gone on it, and like you it needs to be repotted, but has done so well I hate to disturb it. The leaves are about 2ft long. Didnt know it can hurt it though, so will get at it. Thank-you Tricia

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WOW!!!! That is amazing. I can only hope that mine will grow and flower as beautifully as yours. I'm so jealous :)


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savtaj(Z 9-10 (Israel))

Lovely flowers and beautiful display and photo. I'm green with envy. My catts are so young (and I'm not). I still have to wait many years before I can hope to obtain such a specimen! Meanwhile I'm getting lots of pleasure from all the beautiful catts posted on the Gallery. Congrats!

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Sheila(8b SW Texas)

Awesome. Beautiful blooms, plant & photo.

Sheila :)

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