Come and get em aka the big dig

aeiger(Z7bNC)October 2, 2011

as you may all know by now, Gary and I are moving to Charlotte, NC. My yard is filled with ferns, lilies, wild flowers Aclepsia and lots of roses and hydrangeas. AND MUCH MORE! I fear the new owner is going to mow it all down,(not knowing I speak arabic, he was talking to his partner) So if you live near the North end of Bridgeport or just feel like going for a ride, Come dig and bring your containers. /Abi

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carol6ma_7ari(zones 6 & 7a)

Are you sure the new owners are going to remove them? Because I think it's illegal for the old owners to take the plants out of the ground and take them away, unless it is part of the sale agreement. Did you overhear them and not ask them directly?

Or is this somehow an anti-Arabic posting?

Please check your facts and get back to us; I'd like to read the final facts.


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This didn't sound anti-Arabic to me at all. It sounded to me like the prospective purchases or Abi's house was speaking in Arabic to his partner about mowing down the gardens, not realizing that Abi also speaks Arabic and understood every word he said.

I don't know RE law in CT, so I can't comment on whether the plants in the gound are part of the sale.

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Sheesh, are you kidding?

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

I also saw no Anti-Arab sentiments in the original post. Sounds like a gardener not wanting to see a lot of plant material that they enjoyed not being appreciated by the new owner and wanting them not to get wasted. Anti-waste was all I heard.

I do have to agree with Carol, that if an agreement for the house has been signed and removal of the plants was not specified in the agreement, then to do so after the fact, would require negotiation and agreement with the new owner.

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terrene(5b MA)

I wish I lived closer! I would be happy to dig some plants.

I would presume that someone who actually speaks Arabic has a more sophisticated understanding of the Arab culture than your average American. I sensed no anti-Arab sentiment, just Aeiger's worry that her gardens will be destroyed . Which is a fair assumption because I think that's what most new owners would do!

When I put this house on the market, I'm going with the assumption from the get go that the next owner will not want to maintain my large gardens. I plan on giving away and selling off most of my perennial gardens before selling this house.

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carol6ma_7ari(zones 6 & 7a)

Whoa, terrene! You can get rid of a lot of your plants before you sell, that's for sure. Just not after someone makes an offer, I think. My former next-door neighbor had some nice plants in her garden, but I didn't pay much attention to it when she moved. The new neighbor was looking at the garden the following year (while I was outside weeding mine) and asked, didn't there used to be a tree peony there? I answered, yes. Then realized it wasn't there any more. The former neighbor must have taken it with her. The new neighbor, I could see, felt sort of robbed.

So you must be careful about the plants around your house. They are part of the real property you're selling.

Still, going back to the original subject, Abi should ask the buyers directly whether they want the plants or not, or if they'd mind if she dug the plants up.)


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diggerdee zone 6 CT

Please, everyone, Abi has enough to deal with right now without being accused of being anti-Arabic! Don't know where that one came from. I saw absolutely nothing to make anyone think that! I will bet my life that she was just being her usual generous self.

I do have to admit, Abi, I never knew you spoke Arabic! :)

Abi, you might want to double-check with the new owner or with your agent. The last thing you need is to have to deal with any kind of contract problems after selling the house.


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terrene(5b MA)

Yes of course Carol, the plants will be removed before any agreement is reached, and after that then removal of plants, like appliances or fixtures, it can be specified in the agreement. I would think it would be okay to divide some perennials and leave half in place. That seems less like "robbing" the new owners.

It's possible the prospective buyers want the plants. But most of the time, I think they destroy or neglect elaborate gardens, not wanting or knowing how to maintain them. Grass is easier.

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A good friend with extensive and lovely gardens had to sell her house. It was a hard sell as most people recoiled from the maintenance. You love it or you don't. If I ever have to sell, heaven forbid, I will dig and share before the house goes on the market and plant grass seed or spread mulch. And cry.

And ps, I saw nothing anti-Arabic in the post either.

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ontheteam(5a-6 (S.Eastern, MA))

Tereen keep me in mind if you ever sell.... You kow I'll give them a good home.
Abi, OMG...nothing but My poor plant sentiments in that post as far ca I can tell!!

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terrene(5b MA)

Ontheteam - I've got you in mind even if I don't sell! :) Maybe you can come out next Spring and pick up/help dig some plants before your sale? I'm also thinking about hosting the Spring swap next year, because with the new sidewalk installed there is actually now a workable legal parking situation on my street. And the a*hole next door neighbor can't do anything about it. (When I hosted the spring swap in 2008, the neighbor called the police about the parking AND came over and yelled in my face during the swap!)

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Thanks Dee, yep I used to work in Qatar. Still have tons of friends there. Je parle aussi du fran�ais and Parlo l'italiano. Espanole? si. Nicht viel Deutsch.

Hope we can all meet again before Gary and I leave. /Abi

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cloud_9(z5 CT)

Abi - I would have loved to take advantage of your kind and generous offer if I was not in garden limbo myself. When we were moving I specified in the pre-sale paperwork that I could take certain plants and then when I was supposed to sell to a developer who was going to bulldoze everything I went wild giving a ton away. Better to share than bemoan our babies fate. I hope someone is able to take you up on your offer! It would be lovely to get together, but if we don't manage, please do keep in touch.

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molie(z6 CT)

What a problem! Like you I would hate to see my gardens mowed under and would want to give away the plants I loved so much to other gardeners.

Abi, it's been almost a week since your original post and I'm curious to hear what has happened. Did you have a conversation the buyers about your garden? If the new owners really prefer grass to gardens, they might appreciate the fact that others will dig up plants and help to "remove" them.


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Update to all, spoke w/realtor, and he sees no problem, Really you have no idea how much plantlife is on my 1 acre. I have been in touch with a person who runs a charity plant sale and she and friends are coming to help me "thin the perennials". Even then there should still be plenty left to be mowed down. Apparently, there will be a new house built in the back./Abi

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molie(z6 CT)

Great that your treasured plants will be going to a good cause. That should take a load of stress off your shoulders. Maybe those who help you thin the perennials will also decide to take some home!


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Hi Abi,
Thank you again so much for letting me dig up your yard! Michelle's 7 year old daughter, named Abbey, loved the pussy willows and was so happy I brought them! I'll never hear the end of the Frog's Toes (aka Toad Lilies) they were one of the last things I took out of my car and Michelle wanted to know if there were any more of those (I said no). She loved the goosenecks too, I wish I could have taken more. The Sea Oats, Asters, Sedums, Christmas Ferns should all sell well. The whole family really liked the Milk Weed (?) and when Abbey started to go for the pods on the plants, Michelle told her to be careful that they needed the seeds - thanks for suggesting that I take more pods in a plastic bag! Michelle may be able to figure out what the mystery plant is or if not someone from MassHort can identify it but of course she thought one was really cool too. Michelle is already trying to figure out when we can come back again and bring the big muscle! Of course she or I will contact you by email before hand. I'm sure I'm forgetting some plants but thank you so much - your contribution of your plants is going to raise money for the Childrens' Hospital of Boston and I hope that makes your move a tiny, tiny bit easier.

I mentioned the pool and that some cats may be able to go to a good home.

Thank you again so much!


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