Nitrogen defeciency in a rose bush

wbonesteel(7)April 4, 2014

The leaves on a couple of our roses are a pale green, which, in this case, denotes a case of nitrogen deficiency. I know that it isn't an iron deficiency because...that bed had almost eight inches of partially de-composted organic material mixed into it about a year and a half ago. That organic material will - and has - used up a lot of nitrogen. So, I bought and used blood meal as a top dressing, into order to feed the roses.

As well, the other roses in that bed still have some good early foliage.

As a preventative measure, I think I'll 'plant' a rusty nail or two beside each rose bush. I'll find a few rusty nails and use a stick to push the nails down about three or four inches right next to the roots.. Another alternative is to put a few nails in a jar - and covered them with water, wait a week or two or three - and use the resulting rusty water as an iron 'tea' to pour at the base of the plants.

(No warrantees or guarantees offered or implied. YMMV. Batteries not included. My opinion is not offered as advice for you to follow. Do your own research. Do your own thinkin'... as if you were all growed up or sumpin'.)

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I am always amazed how quickly the color changes when I infuse them with some type of nitrogen after seeing they're starving for it. Magical, as someone mentioned. I had some bunny berries, this year, that were too old. It required some worm tea with nettle and grass as a back up for nitrogen needs. By next morn, they were right as rain.

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I have never seen anything brighten plants up as much as a needed rain.

I use to work in a machine shop and some of the guys would save metal chips to take home to use on there plants

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There were hardly any feeder roots on it when I transplanted it. I'm honestly surprised that it has survived.

I've added blood meal to the bed and around the roses and watered it in. I still need to stop being lazy and 'plant' some nails by them.

I've had a bad case of spring fever this year. I just wanna sit around and do nuthin'... and laze the day away sittin' in the lawn chairs. LOL.

Still, all but a couple of beds are planted with veggies and we've gotten the bare root berries planted.

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