Companion plant for Empress Wu???

donrawson(Z 5)December 26, 2010

Found a companion plant for large hostas...what do ya think?

Joe Seamone outside his home in Washington DC with an exceedingly large Colocasia esculenta 'Jack's Giant' (photo from The Exotic Garden Blog). I think I can see a hosta in the background!

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That is CRAZY! I thought Paul had some large Elephant Ears, but WOW!

Now, in all seriousness, how can an Elephant Ear grow THAT large when not in the tropics?

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I take offense. Starting rumors that I have big ears -- lol.


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Sorry Paul. Didn't mean to offend! LOL.

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cyn427 (zone 7)

The better to hear our questions Paul... ;)

Happy (almost) new year all. Wishing you a year with plentiful rain and healthy hosta gardens!

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Those "ears" put all of mine in zone 8B to shame.
But I bring this thread forward to Sept 2011 because I'm exploring the subject of companion planting for hostas.

I'd always figured companion plants were sort of background plants, the supporting cast, while the main plant was the star of the show. I would think Jack's Giant would totally upstage even Empress Wu. But if no shade otherwise, this colocasia would sure provide some.

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Wow - that's incredible!

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Babka NorCal 9b

I've seen those in Malaysia, but never that size here. Are you sure it isn't Photoshopped? Pretty incredible to me too!


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You guys are funny Bigger Ears and bigger Wu's , whats next???? lol Can hardly wait to see mine grow as it was just given as a gift.

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jan_on zone 5b

Wow! Do slugs eat them? Voles? HVX? Crown rot? Maybe we should all start growing them.

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bernd ny zone5

A good companion plant to any hosta is a shade providing tree which does not have surface roots. I plant hostas behind 5 ft conifers which love sun and provide shade for hostas.

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I've grown various Colocasia for many years. There is actually one larger it is Colocasia gigantea Thai Giant. Ordered one last month-very tiny but already have had to pot up from a 4 inch pot to an 8 inch in less than a month. It is a strain discovered by a former researcher for PDN. Leaves easily attain a length of 6ft by 4ft and grows up to 9ft tall. With Colocasias to attain the big size just add lots of water,sun and food. The great thing about them is if you don't have the room inside for them stop watering and they go dormant for winter and can be stored in a cool dark place till next year. Ordered mine from Wellspring Gardens on Ebay. Their small for $4.99 but they grow fast. Look at Black Magic and Mojito too if your interested. I'll be posting pics in the Aroid forum next week and then monthly to show Thai Giant's growth.


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I grow them and they get somewhat big, but not THAT big!
But then, I don't fertilize the heck out of them either, and they are not my babies as these hosta are, seemingly.

Every yard in our neighborhood has some sort of elephant ear. I've tried the colocasia, alocasias, and all sorts, love the big chartreuse leaves, and the ones with the pointy ends straight UP. When the freeze comes, they drop into a pile of...well, for want of a more descriptive term...a pile of elephant dung. About that size a plop. I thought mine was dead first time this happened. But next spring, emerging like a phoenix from its own ashes, came the strong eye of the new generation. Some of them are edible, think called the "taro root" in tropical countries.
Very impressive while they are growing.

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Babka NorCal 9b

Hah! I didn't know they were related. I've actually seen one of those 6' whoppers in a jungle in Malaysia. In Hawaii that taro makes "poi" (a wall-paper paste like stuff that is available in a few Japanese/Hawaiian stores around here.) I like taro root in the form of chips. They are purpley and crunchy. Yum.

In regard to the OP, I don't think the Empress needs any companions. Just give 'er room!!!


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