waiting for spring?

almosthookedDecember 2, 2012

I must be spending too much time waiting for someone to post some of their latest wishes or tentative purchases or their pictures of seed or just anything on their mind. Even my cat is tired of this dry spell on the forum and winter has not even started. No snow and not even frost at night and extremely warm so far ,which doesn't seem to make it any closer to spring.. Oh well, I guess one should not wish their lives away and enjoy the seasons as they come. NOW, someone post something!

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Well almosthooked I understand. I was getting a little antsy this week myself, so I broke down and ordered 'Galaxy' for next spring. It will be my richest one to date at 45 dollars...can't wait though.

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Winter hasn't even started yet and still, we want to go outside and plant! Since we can't change Nature, we can do other things while we await Spring...like look at each others' cute cat pictures!

Here is Kefira, my little rescue DSH girl. She has a patent on "CUTE".

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It feels like spring is here already. Well, like last spring anyway. I'm in a rather funky state of mind. Afte.r a nice below average temperature start in November, the middle of the month we went backwards. The second half was above average temp/wise and here in Northern IL we ended up with just 0.81" (2.1 cm. north of the border) total precip for Nov. Thats not enough to wast the dust off of the astroturf lawns in Dallas TX. I believe that is around 3" below normal for here. I actually cheered out loud yesterday when I had 0.01" of rain, then went out and turned my compost pile and broke a sweat. It was all I could do outdoors.

But I don't want to pass my funk onto others. It is bad enough that we are now into the seasonal quiet spell in this forum, with so many involved in the Christmas Season activities. I even have a difficult time getting my 3 daughters to return my phone calls and when they do they are out shopping and can't concentrate.

So I am more or less laying back and contemplating the real spirit of Christmas coming shortly when all this insanity will end and relative peace will return to my life. Then soon we will be back into longer days and hopefully April showers.

Maybe then I will asess my overewinter potted hostas and look for those I have placed on my 'must have' list. Yay!


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Mid-November I placed a small order with Hallson to be delivered late March. After reading tantalizing posts on this forum, Rainforest Sunrise and Goodness Gracious are on the order.

High temps today are breaking records here in south-central Illinois. My state of mind was ready for short dreary days, cold temps, snow and cabin fever to set in...

Better take a walk around outside, while temps are mild, and snap a few pics of plants in their fall colors. It'll give me photos of my garden to enjoy after the "real" winter is here...

btw, Love the kitty pics.

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hosta_freak(z6 NC)

Not a pic of my kitty,but for those of you longing for spring,here is a pic of part of my garden from March of this year. Phil

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jan_on zone 5b

OK Phil, you are torturing us. How many sleeps until the first day of spring???

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Fantastic photo Phil ;-) I want to meld into that hillside pic and live there until Spring.


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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

"People ask me what I do in the winter time. I stare out the window and wait for Spring." Rogers Hornsby, HOF second baseman.


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I don't know how many "sleeps".Jan,but hostas start coming up here in early March,with montana Aureomarginata usually showing up in February! You can't discourage it;it is just an early riser,and every year, I have to cover the eyes with mulch to keep it from freezing. Phil

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I did upload some photos of my golden leaves to the Flickr albums, and forgot to post any here. I've been so busy planning our kitchen plus remodel my brain is scattered.
Pulling off all the dead hosta leaves daily is filling up my small compost bin. It seems they are disappearing overnight.
Not cold. It hasn't frosted yet. It is extremely damp and drippy in the mornings, with a heavy dew. I think we are having nightly fogs, but I don't go out so much at night to look now. It is so thick though that it drops off the deck umbrella. I love foggy weather when I don't have to navigate a boat in it. So still. So quiet.

I check the weather on my tablet at bedtime....I play a game of Mahjong to put me to sleep....and it usually shows the humidity somewhere near 93% .... and the dew point not far from the actual temp....so that smacks of early morning fog.

Shhhh....fog tips in on little cat feet.....

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Oh yeah, Phil, I can always find your Sagae close beside that jade vase, beautiful both items.

Thanks for keeping it going. And now I think a little doxie puppy picture.....she has yet to meet a cat....but we all went to the driveup window of the bank today, and that was new experience for her.

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Phil, may I ask about the hosta by the statue, left up the hill from Sagae... is that Niagara Falls or ??

Cutie doxie pup, Moccasin! I'll bet she lights up your life :-)


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Deb,the large hosta up near the top by the tree trunks is Lakeside Ripples,a really good growing hosta that is becoming a small tree. Phil

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What a sweet little daschund Mocc. Always nice to have an addition in the family. I am not allowed any more but I guees three daschunds and a cat it probably enough anyway. It is easier to sneak in new hosta but dh may notice another dog or cat. How is the winter potty training going.. you are brave.

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She is a treasure all right! The lady who raises doxies for show in AKC has a couple of horses as well, and is willing to part with some of the by-product. I was reminded of this when I read Bruce Banyai's post about hauling it home in plastic bins. That sounds like a good idea to me.

This week Dolly is 9 weeks old on Wednesday. She was 2 months old on December 3d. She is sleeping in our bed with Dixie. If she gets restless at night, I slip her to the floor, she runs to the papers in the corner, and in the darkness I can see her black shape hunched down to pee, then moves over a bit to poop. Then, back she runs to the bedside for me to lift her up again. Such a smart girl!

Almosthooked, three doxies is the right number to have, it worked for me years ago, I wouldn't mind repeating. Your very own pack of hounds! Dolly hasn't howled or bayed yet, but I know it is only a matter of time. Gotta love those short long dogs with such brave and loving hearts.

Meanwhile, it is wet and fairly cold here, like 43*F. I have the hardware cloth standing by to cut for pot covers. Since my pots are tipped, I also need the landscape pins to hold the hardware cloth in place. A few of the hosta were dug out so I must totally replant them, roots and crowns going every direction. This is when Ken's instruction to put the pointy end up comes in handy. :)

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