Friday's Severe Weather: Tune In, It Has Begun

Okiedawn OK Zone 7April 13, 2012

I came in from the garden to check the weather and see we now have a Tornado Watch in effect for many counties and several counties have ongoing Severe Thunderstorm Warnings right now.

You can click on the NWS link below to see if your county is in the watch area or the current warning areas. You can click on any county to read its forecast, and can click on any watch or warning on the forecast page to read the text of the watches or warnings.

Remember that Heather told us these weather events will pop up and develop rapidly so stay alert to changing conditions.

Stay safe!

I'll be out in the garden until/if anything starts happening here. So far all we have down here is wind, lots of wind, and we've had it for the last several days. It is helping to dry out my soil, but in the lower garden where the soil has been really wet, the forecast rain will wipe out any drying that has occurred here the last couple of days.


Here is a link that might be useful: NWS Norman Office Website

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Well, hope everyone made it through alright.

Saturday's here and the threat is higher for most Oklahomans than it was yesterday. Stay safe!

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Likewise I'm thankful everyone made it through ok. And from what reports I've read injuries were few. Thankful for that. They say we will be west of where the worst will be. Although our local forecasters are advising to keep an eye on the sky for a scattered severe storm. I hope everyone escapes today also. The winds will be high here for the next couple of days. They keep raising and then lowering our chances of moisture and storms Sunday and Monday. They did the same last week. Hope the storms clear out soon. I'm thinking of traveling in OK in a few weeks so hoping it is clear then. Jay

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Jay, It sure looks like parts of Kansas and Nebraska will have plenty of weather headaches today.

Our winds have been higher than usual all week, and I am about tired of it. It is blowing caterpillars out of the nearby woods into my garden. I was out there working on the northern edge of the garden yesterday, and it was raining caterpillars from the sky. I was not particularly amused.

I hope after this weekend weather system moves through that maybe we'll have a few nice, quiet days, but I haven't looked at the forecast beyond this weekend, other than to see that we have a couple of somewhat cool, though not cold, nights early next week.


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Dawn we have 3 cooler nights facing us starting tonight. They keep bouncing around some with their predictions but the lowest I've seen is 37 degrees. Most are saying 39 one night and then after that upper 40's one night and then 50's for lows at least for a while. I'm going to finish potting up a tray this morning that I have been dragging my feet as I had no place for all of the plants. I will redo the covering on my large cold frame today. I will probably wait till Tuesday evening to start moving a lot of plants to it. After I fill it up that will free up some room elsewhere. I plan to plant a few late plantings or a few varieties and some flowers. Both of which I had put off because of room. I may put a few plants in the large frame even before. By covering the top good and even if we would get a light freeze with the soil temps what they are and the plants in there also I will be ok. I haven't been closing the top on the other frame but will tonight. I will continue to drop tomatoes in the ground and hopefully get several of the potato plants started from seed in the ground also. I'm going to cover the top doors of my large cold frame with poly covering. The hail broke out the glass last May. I may cover the top and bottom of the door for double insulation and put screen door plastic screen over the top for some sun block. Jay

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I was glad to read on the other thread that our GW folks in Norman made it through yesterday with nothing more than some landscape damage. I was watching it closely because Larry was driving back from Eufaula and coming into the east side of the metro area just as it was starting to move towards Shawnee.

We had to visit the storm shelter around 3 this morning due to a tornado warning for Logan County. There's nothing like waking from a sound sleep and experiencing that "oh no, here we go" feeling when you realize what's going on and the adrenaline (or is just plain old fear?) kicks in. I had watched the TV coverage until around 1 when it seemed to be dying down, which obviously it did not. I don't know if there was ever an actual funnel but News9 was reporting one southwest of us and moving our way. I do know there was a tremendous amount of rain! It will be a few days before I can finish planting the garden, and that's if we don't get more today.

As much as I appreciate the better prediction and warning system we have now, I think it raises my anxiety level (a lot) when we're under the type of warning we are today when it sounds like almost a certainty that there will be a significant weather event. Especially after the devastating tornadoes of 2011. And we're in the bullseye in central OK. So I'm going to try and stay busy today to keep my mind off it, but will be paying attention when the warnings start. I hope everyone will be safe today!


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