CGM and clover

hobbitmomMarch 30, 2007

Hi , I havent tried corn gluten meal for weeds yet. I have been just digging up any dandilions, etc., which controls them nicely. However, I cant do this with clover, which is a problem for me. Does CGM work for clover??? Thank you

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okcdan(7 OKC - Bermuda)

Hi Hobbitmom

CGM isn't a weedkiller/post emergent. It's used as a pre-emergent. The way it works as a preemergent is it inhibits the growth of seed's tiny feeder roots by causing a break down in the cell wall. The seedlings struggle to get enough moisture, which causes them to die before they ever have a change to take hold. When used as a preemergent CGM should be applied in the 4-6 week time period before target-weed germination.

Good day, Dan

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I'm confused guys. Why would you like to get rid of the clovers? On the other thread, they say that clovers are beneficial for your turf.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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greenjeans_il(zone5 IL)

From the movie Cool Hand Luke; "What we have a failure to communicate. Some men you just can't reach..."

Many people still think of clover as a weed. The problem where clover is concerned is that it thrives in poor soil. Soil where grasses won't do well so the "clover takes over" (that's fun to say) and makes patches of hardy green with white flowers in the midst of the rest of the turf. True, it's not very becoming of the lawn when it grows this way, but by correcting the soil and with heavy overseeding of the desired grass they can co-habitate the lawn in those areas.

Clover is most desirable in the lawn when it's evenly disbursed with the grass. That's why our friend in the video suggested mixing 15% clover with the grass when seeding a new lawn. However, clover can also be incorporated into an extablished lawn but I believe core aeration or heavy cross-cutting (dethatching) would produce more desirable results.

For instance, with your lawn, were you to plant clover now (assuming you hadn't already applied CGM of course) you'd find clover thriving hardily in the gaps between your sod and in the 900 sq.ft. area you'd mentioned in other post. It could become unsightly to say the least because it would create a patchy effect. With your turf I'd highly recomend you wait at least 1-2 seasons to allow your turf to become fully established before disturbing it by any mechanical means and allowing it to fill in those gaps. Then you can start to think about a multi-cultural landscape that will not only be beautiful but also incredibly easy to maintain.

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