Natural weed killer

greendave79April 17, 2013

A friend told me of vinegar and dawn dish soap for weed killer. I looked around a bit and came up with 8cups of 5pct vinegar, 2 cups of water and 3 tablespoons of dawn. So far it killed chickweed fast and fully. Plantain same thing dies off pretty quick, dandelions die quick, Wild violet and creeping charlie both take 2 doses but it then seems to do the trick. This mix will kill a little grass if over sprayed but not to bad. I leave clover as it attracts bees and helps fill in bare spots and adds nitrogen. Ortho and Monsanto have brain washed everyone into thinking clover is bad. Hmmm... clover or cancer? Good luck to anyone trying organic you can get good results just takes 2 years in my opinion. Seems you can also kill most weeds organically (except dawn dish soap)

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oceanna(7 WWA)

I just use plain vinegar, no soap. Works like a champ. But don't use it in your lawn or close to other plants as it can stop plant growth in the soil around it for a long time.

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Vinegar, Acetic Acid, can be used as a plant killer but due care is necessary in its use and it will work better if sprayed on plants in full sun. The Acetic Acid only kills the top growth, however, so in those plants that can regrowth from the roots will occur.

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Yes I use this too. The soap helps the stuff stick.

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oceanna(7 WWA)

A couple of other methods I haven't seen mentioned here...

If the weed isn't too close to a plant you value, put on your tea kettle and fry the weed with boiling water. Very effective and non-harmful. I learned that after my son had been brewing beer and dumping large amounts of boiling water out in my driveway -- and all my driveway crack weeds disappeared.

If I have horsetail weeds growing near plants (I don't have that many horsetails) I take a syringe with needle and inject them with plain vinegar. You need to get it into one of their hollow spaces. They then suck the vinegar down into their roots.

There's great satisfaction in both methods.

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