1st time tea brewer

celticgreenApril 23, 2011

yesterday i brewed my first batch of tea:

50 gallon garbage bin

100 gallon air pump

2- 5 inch air stones

7 lbs scotts humus & manure (started compost pile last year but it's not ready)

12 oz molasses

24 oz Dramm K Fish and Kelp fertilizer

brewed for 20 hours with no overpowering smells, and a nice frothy top. the problem was applying it to a lawn that's 15,000 square feet. i initially used a 2 gallon pump sprayer then switched to dropping a sump pump into the barrel and applying it with a hose. next time should i mix the tea with another 50 gallons of water to stretch the application of the tea? or make 100 gallon at once? i was thinking of making another batch in 2-3 weeks, will that be OK or too soon? one of my fears is the tea did not drench the lawn but does that matter? is a coating good enough? lawn is a mix of fescue and KBG. thank you in advance, the board has fantastic information from great contributors.

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sorry! -humus and manure was in a pillowcase and hung in the barrel.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Any amount is good. If you want to wash it into the soil, water it after you spray.

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