Question on using alfalfa pellets to fertilize St. Augustine

keithw(Zone 8)April 9, 2013

I have Raleigh SA in Virginia Beach. Last season I started to move towards organic fertilizer. I have been putting down cracked corn and alfalfa pellets a few times per year. I read that I should be using ground/meal for both but I cannot seem to find any meal, only chopped corn and alfalfa pellets. Am I wasting my efforts with these?

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Not sure where your getting this from. Most people use pellets.

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beacivil1(8a/8b NW Austin, Tx)

I use ground corn meal that I get from a feed store for fungus problems in my St. Augustine (like brown patch). It does not have much in the way of protein compared to others to use as a fertilizer.

For my fertilizer, I use alfalfa pellets. I just throw them like I'm throwing chicken feed and then water them in so the birds and squirrels won't carry them off. Right now in my area, this is the cheapest option, and I get 50# bags at my local Tractor Supply Co. But, just about any feed store will carry it. It's just about how cheap can you find it.

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keithw(Zone 8)

I have been using cracked corn for the fungus problem. I used to get brown patch pretty extensively each spring. Not sure if it has done anything but I am preparing to put down my second batch of cracked corn. I did it last fall as well. Thanks for the info on the Alfalfa pellets. Glad to hear it.

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Did you try soy bean meal? I put it down and really like the results. It was difficult to find but then I checked Craigslist and the horse farms had it. This is Orlando area so I think you will find it up there too. There is CGM in a liquid form now and you might try that too.

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