What size screen do I need?

hogan_njApril 13, 2009

I want to screen my compost.What type do I need and what size screen (as far as the holes go). Also is it alot of labor to do just for some trees and shrubs or should I just throw some down? Thanks

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I built a compost screener using 1x4s and hardware cloth. I used 1/4 inch hardware cloth, but I'll probably replace that with 1/2 inch hardware cloth at some point. I basically just made a frame with the wood that was about the size of my wheelbarrow and stapled the hardware cloth to the wood frame.

Originally, I thought I'd sift into the wheelbarrow and use it from there, but I've just been sifting directly on the ground.

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You could use 1/4 inch mesh hardware cloth, a bit more difficult because less material goes through easily, or you can use 1/2 inch mesh hardware cloth which will let through bigger bits and pieces of your compost.

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