Hollies with flies, wasps

greenman1976(7)April 13, 2014

I have some dwarf Burford hollies that are about 5 years old and are all full of what appear to be houseflies and wasps. I looked it up and it appears they are drawn to some sort of secretion left by another pest that has infested the shrubs. The only thing I can see are some black spots on some of the leaves and there is some minor leaf droppage. I assume this is a fungus of sorts. I hit them with some neem oil since that targets a variety of pests and unlikely to harm the plant. The flies went away for a few days but they are back.
Any ideas on what the black spots are or any treatment suggestions? I suppose I'll keep spraying them with neem oil every week or so and hope for the best. I have some knockouts between the hollies and don't want them to get infested, too.
Thanks, Eric.

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Eric, I think you're right on track with your diagnosis and treatment. There are several fungal diseases that can pester hollies at this time of year, but then usually we get hot and dry and that puts an end to them.

My Burford hollies (about 13 years old) and Dwarf Burford hollies (about 4 or 5 years old) all are buzzing with bees in all shapes and sizes, flies, moths, butterflies, etc., but it is because their tiny flowers are blooming.

Did you check the undersides of the leaves to see if aphids or some other pest is feeding on them and depositing honeydew that is attracting the flies and bees?


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Thanks, Dawn. I did look at the underside of the leaves and didn't seen any signs of aphids. I'll keep treating them for fungus and hope they bounce back.

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