slow green up but lots of worms!

jlaak5April 17, 2008

Hello all,

Just thought I would share an observation. I posted a week or so ago regarding my lawn being very slow to "green up". It is gradually getting greener, however; what I am most excited about is the amount of worms I am finding on my driveway after a rain compared to my neighbors.

I know to most this is probably nothing to get excited about :) but I am one year into my organic program and it is nice to see the rewards of my efforts!

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It's something to get excited about. Those worms are aerating for free, dropping rich castings for free, and turning your soil...for free. Plus having babies that will happily serve the same purpose...for free.

I'm seeing tons of worm holes and beetle holes (generally larger) and I couldn't possibly be happier about it.

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Oh yeah, you gotta love the worms. If I turn over a shovel in the garden and don't see at least one Im insulted.

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