SBM and grass seed

smitty5952April 30, 2007

It's too late to change this because I've already done it but I'm gonna ask anyhow. I broadcast SBM over my newly planted grass seed. I hope SBM isn't considered a pre-emergent?

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I don't think so. CGM and CM is. I think, you should be fine.

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lou_midlothian_tx(z8 DFW, Tx)

You are fine. Expect a surge of growth in about 3 weeks after SBM application. Usually, we recommend alfalfa pellet/meal about 2-3 weeks before seeding for them to break down and become usable nutrients for plants.

Corn gluten meal is pre-em so don't use it prior to planting seeds. It is just too expensive to be used for fertilizer in my area unfortunately because it'd mean less weeds over all round year.

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Thanks guys. As far as alfalfa pellet/meal when is that best applied? Also how do you apply the pellets since I assume the are too big for a spreader?

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I live in New England and have a Red Fescue, KBG lawn.

I fertilize with cracked corn/corn meal (not CGM) in the spring. 20-40 lbs/ft^2 over two applications. First at the end of March, second now that the forsythia are in bloom. This provides a mild fertilizer to help the green up and avoid the growth spurts. Corn meal in my experience also acts as a pre-emergent (the benefits of CGM were found while using Corn meal)and fungacide for some fungus. I also sprayed milk in early April at 3 oz/gallon for red thread control.

In late August I will spread alfalfa meal/rabbit food (root growth). I reseed 3-4 weeks after. (10 lbs/1000 ft^2)
Late September and October I will apply soybean meal (10 lb/1000 ft^2). The October feed helps with sping green up so don't skip it.

I spot treat "problem areas" with UCG, compost, extra grains etc.

All these grains go into my Agrafab broadcast spreader for my tractor. I spread with the chute wide open and usually need 2-3 passes to cover.

Hope that helps

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Thanks alot. Your treatment for red thread caught my attention since my lawn gets hit with that also. Do you use just regular whole milk? Thanks again.

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What is red thread?

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I usually get in in the spring when there's been a lot of moisture and humidity. From a distant it looks like patches of your lawn are dead but upon closer inspection the blades of grass are covered with a red gelatenous substance. I was told by the county agent it is caused by low N content and is difficult to control. I don't know if one type of grass is more suseptible to it or not. My lawn is Fescue and bluegrass.

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