Organic fertilizer after Corn Gluten meal?

granburyflowergirl(7)April 7, 2010

I am putting in grass plugs and the instructions say to immediately use a pre-emergent and then to fertilize after 2 weeks.

Since the Corn Gluten meal is supposed to be watered in and allowed to dry 3 days and the plugs need to be watered daily, I went ahead and put the CGM down (20lbs/1000 sf) and watered it in yesterday, and will hopefully get the plugs in this weekend.

Question: I read that the CGM provides a large amount of nitrogen and I don't want to inadvertently overdo things, what type of fertilizer should I use for the plugs in 2 weeks? Oh, and I did spread about 3/4" of compost prior to the CGM as well.

Any help is appreciated!


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the nitrogen in corn meal is not immediately available, it will be released gradually as the microbes break the product down. so i don't think it will harm your grass.

depending on how much u used, you may not need to add anymore organic ferts come 2 weeks from now.

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CGM contains 9% nitrogen. It is slow release.

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