bulbophyllum frank smith 'vera cruz hcc/aos

orchidnickJuly 7, 2013

A cross between caranculatum and lobbii. Illustrates how sometimes the award and the clonal name can make a huge difference. Austin Creek sells the regular Frank Smith for $18 and the Vera Cruz for $50. A look at the 2 photos shows the difference at:


I got the plant in trade, doubt if I would have paid $50 for it. It comes from the pot on the right, 2 more spikes coming from a relatively small plant. Sign of good work ethics, once the plant gets huge will probably make a shower of flowers. Definitely one to recommend, in retrospect worth the extra money.


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Horrible spelling, should be:

Bulbophyllum Frank Smith 'Vera Cruz' HCC/AOS

I think the computer did me in, I am sure I capitalized this hybrid. Oh well.


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The brighter yellow of the Vera Cruz over the typical Frank Smith really makes the red lip pop. Maybe I will add it to my wish list once I master my current bulbos.

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This thing has 4 pbulbs and is sporting 3 spikes! Definitely worthy to go on a wish list. And my superb (!!!!!!) growing conditions are not to blame. I got plenty of bigger plants that won't bloom or dribble along with one bloom.


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Now 4 are open. Rewarding plant.


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Sheila(8b SW Texas)

That's a beauty Nick!

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