Headcount for plant swap, Oct 8

kaye(7a AR)September 26, 2005

Just a reminder about the Plant Swap planned for October 8th at our place south of Ft. Smith. That's a Saturday and we'll plan for about 11:00 to give everyone time to drive. I'm thinking sandwiches and such (let's keep it simple, huh?).

Carrie is coming up from Texarkana with a bunch of baby roses, she says, and the gals from Bentonville are bringing some interesting plants. Beerhog and I have been gathering plants to swap as well, but even if you don't have anything to swap, feel welcome to come. We had a great time last spring and hopefully, this will be as much fun.

Please post here or email me if you can make it. Email for directions from my member page.

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I'll be there with bells on!
Here's my cutting list. Email me if you want me to cut some and bring them. I don't check this forum ... ever, since I'm not in the Ozarks.
Pinwheel princess verbena
Blue princess verbena
Pinapple sage
Lipstick pink salvia (name?)
Homestead purple verbena
Indigo spires salvia
Confetti lantana
white and light pink salvia (name?)
Chinese lantern
Scented geranium (greenhouse)
Sambac jasmine (greenhouse)
Night scented jasmine (greenhouse)
Bat faced cuphea (greenhouse)
Victoria blue salvia
Black & blue salvia
Lemon verbena (greenhouse)
Duranta erecta - sweet memories (greenhouse)
Brazilian nightshade (greenhouse)
Apricot verbena (name?)

I've got lots of extra baby roses rooted, let me know if you want them. Again, email me.
Mutabis - 1
Sally Holmes - 3
Folksinger - 6
Renae - 9
Ballerina - 3
A beautiful mini pink - 2
Madame Lombard - 3
Camellia Rose - 3
Blumenschmidt - 6
A big fat red smelly that thrives on neglect that I took cuttings of - 3
Also, non roses,
Winter Honeysuckle - 5
Star Jasmine - 30

Recognize any of the roses, Kaye or Hilda?

Take a look at my homepage and see if there is anything you want cuttings of. I've only got roses listed there.

I love interesting plants, especially fragrant ones, so if y'all have anything that you don't mind cutting, let me know.
I've got a few rare ones that I'll cut if anyone wants them, it'll be a suprise to see whether they root easily or not:
Wintersweet, banana shrubs, sweet olives, and mahonias (leatherleaf and burmese).
Since you guys are from the land of rocks, maybe some people would want to bring some rocks to trade for plants? Weird request, I know, but I'm trying to build a earth and stone retaining wall, and there are no stones here.

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Am coming but wont be there until later. Husband works. Will be me him and a friend. Judy

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Nashonii(6 Ozarks)

I believe I should be able to come! I work the Sat. before, so I should be off that one!! YEA!!!
I would like something for my English garden, (red poppies, larksper, ect.) or my butterfly garden, or fragrant plants, flowering bushes/tree sprouts, pine tree sprouts...well, I feel like a pig!
Fact is since I am just starting, I have nothing but natives, and new cuttings from my adoptive garden angle,...I'll take anything!
I don't have any plants to trade. But I do have lots of Purple vineing Hyacenth bean seeds, if anyone wants them. I will bring them, a smile, and a friend if she can come... would that be alright?
I'm afraid I will need a map to find you Kaye.

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kaye(7a AR)

headed to the plant swap. The original post has been arbitrarily moved to "Exchanges" but wanted to let you guys know that the Peel House and Compton Gardens gals, Boni and Corin, just emailed and they are bringing a virtual truckload of plants to the swap as the greenhouse won't be online this year.

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bigred(z8 Ark.)

Argh! Somebody's coming from Texarkana? I could have snagged a ride! Darn,darn and Double Darn!!


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Hello Ozark Seed Savers! I want to invite you to the Inaugural Arkansas (Ozark) Seed Swap at the Ozark Folk Center in Mt. View Ar on Sat, March 1, 2008 from 12-3. Free food, music, and lots of folks with seeds to swap. For more information please see the following link:


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