Corn Gluten on Bermuda??

shankins123(7aOKC)April 7, 2010

I know I'm a bit late for really good pre-emergent control (OKC Zone 7), but I would like to try using the CGM this year as a good start to an organic lawn program. BUT...I've read that it controls Bermuda? Is this true? That's what sort of grass I have (where I have grass, LOL). Please let me know - for reference sake, the dandelions have been blooming here for about a week.

Thank you!

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At this late date, CGM will act as a good fertiliter as it contains 9% nitrogen. CGM will not effect any established lawn grass. As a preemergent it stops the germination of weed seeds. IF you were reseeding bermuda, CGM can't tell good seeds from bad.

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Thanks...I think I've decided to go the soybean meal route, but I appreciate your answer!

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