Leaf Fence

runktrun(z7a MA)October 19, 2009

Mayalena originally posted photos of this wonderful leaf fence in the thread titled "Garden in the Woods 'Art Goes Wild' Installation". Now "Growing Wisdom" has a new video showing us how to make and maintain one of our own. Growing Wisdom has amassed quite a large gardening video library for New Englanders to be found on "youtube". I am curious what do you think of them?

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terrene(5b MA)

I think they're cool! This has me thinking what I can do with a leaf fence. Perhaps I will use these to surround my pot ghetto this winter to help protect it from prevailing winds and excessive cold? Currently I use bags of leaves, but last year the squirrels tore the heck out of the paper bags. I am figuring that they used pieces of the bags to fortify their nests when they were unable to get obtain leaves or other litter on the ground because it was covered by snow.

I enjoyed browsing through some of the Gardening Wisdom videos.

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arbo_retum(z5 ,WinchstrMA)

what a coooool concept. So many possibilities of using those 'plugs' in different ways. imagine a 10' high version of the fence (if you were a landscaper w/ lots of front loading equipment and could keep the tubes filled from above!) Or imagine a Christo-like installation of a fence that ran for miles through the new england woods or open land ; and then imagine that same fence made of fallen colorful maple leaves(resurrected, so to speak) that would change with time... Or what if each 'tube' had a different kind of leaf, or needle, that gave each tube its own different appearance, and they could then be used for mosaics..... "Andy Goldsworthy, where are you?!We have a neat idea for you over here in New England!"

th much for reposting this, kt. Never saw it before.

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claireplymouth z6b coastal MA

For those who want a quick and easy leaf fence, there are 30 gallon jute sacks that could be filled and placed wherever. They'd look better than plastic.

Squirrels might raid them - I once had a squirrel rip pieces of burlap off my shrubs, probably for nests as terrene mentioned. I also wonder if voles would use leaf fences as high-rise condos - maybe keep them away from the perennials.


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