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wmarkwApril 10, 2012

I live in Evans, GA. I have builders Bermuda in the front yard and Tif 419 in the back. I have roughly 6K sq/ft of yard. My back yard was sod 2+ years ago and I have done well keeping crabby grass out. The front not so much. I did Halts, etc last season and still got it but it was really bad the year before when we moved in with no treatment, so I�m hoping this year I have stopped it. I over seeded the front yard with winter rye last fall and then I did the Halts application in February. I had no winter weeds which I�m proud about. So I now want to move to a partial organic schedule as we have an active family playing outside with our new dog. I just bought 2 40lb sacks of horse alfalfa pellets from the Tractor Supply Store. I have since read about Milorganite and also the soy bean meal. The winter rye is slowly dying off and the Bermuda is greening up; in the back yard I did not over seed with rye and the Tif 419 is greening up as well. This is the schedule I was thinking about following:

April: Alfalfa pellets

May: Soy Bean Meal (can someone give me a brand or link from Tractor Supply of the kind I should get?? Not sure on this one)

May: Don�t flame me but I want to put down another sack of Halts to help with the late blooming crab grass (the july/august stuff)

June: Milorganite

July: Milorganite

August: Alfalfa Pellets or Soy Bean

September: Halts

November: Scotts Winterize

February/March: Halts

Then start over the same process?



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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Can you tell the difference between front and back? Because builder's bermuda has been Tif 419 for at least 20 years. Maybe 40 years.

We've talked about how to do an organic approach to bermuda on another Internet forum and came to the conclusion that it is impractical to put enough fertilizer down to make it really glow. With your approach you'd be doing well to keep it from being brown and thin.

Have you found the Bermuda Bible on the Internet? Do that search and download it. Then print it and memorize it. Then retype it into your word processor to help you memorize it. Then do what you think will work with your lawn. Certainly you will do no harm at all with your approach. It just might not be a show place.

Any kind of soy bean meal that comes in a plain brown sack is fine. Grains are grains unless you are concerned about genetically modified grains.

Also you'll find that rabbit or chinchilla chow will go through a broadcast spreader much better than thumb-sized horse pellets. Plain brown sack.

Don't overseed with rye next year. When rye extends into the spring it delays the growth of the bermuda. Don't get sucked into doing what they do at professional sports facilities. They do overseed with rye and then in late winter use a special herbicide to kill the rye. That process allows the bermuda to come in on time.

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Ok thanks for the response. I wasnt aware that the organic method was a waste for bermuda lawns. I'm not opposed to synthetics; I just wanted to try something different. I put down 80lbs of Alfalfa pellets last night and I'm saving coffee grounds. I guess the more nitro the better for bermuda as long as I dont burn it. So skip Organics and use basic fertlizer (non weed/feed)? I have read the Bermuda bible. Thanks for you help.

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david_tx(7a North Texas)

David, I wish I knew where that forum was. I could chime in as I've had great success with organic fertilization and Tif419. It's too early in the year to show you a decent picture. I'll try to remember to post one a little later.

Basically, I apply 10 lbs/1000 sq ft of CGM monthly starting in mid to late February. If I recall your posts, you use twice that amount. Sometimes I use cotton seed meal at a rate of 12 lbs/1000 sq ft. The higher rate is because I get cotton seed in 50 lb bags and CGM in 40 lb bags.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

wmarkw, calling organic a waste is beyond what I said. I've been considering that chemical approach to bermuda for a long time. As of now I am changing my mind slightly on that. While the chemical approach might work "best," I think you need to define what best means. I'm going to still support the Bermuda Bible in full but I'm going to suggest that a good organic fertilizer is still necessary to maintain the health of the soil. Together it should be a killer combination.

David, click on my user name and you can send me an email from my profile page. I would like to chat with you about it. When you write, please tell me where you are. Since you said North Texas, I assume DFW area. Interesting how the Texans located 300 miles north of you still refer to DFW as North Texas. But to outsiders, North Texas would be what we call The Panhandle. That confuses people.

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